Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alexander 6, V81.

You know who are these folks?
They are my future babies! If any... that is.
I just found out this one amazing site for morphing stuff together ( It is a game I used to play before with one of the softwares I had. The element here though is that, they give you a baby face and not merely just morphing 2 faces together! This is one area of arts (digital art that is) that I need to read more about for now. I might find plugins for Photoshop that would aid me with it and make it more like professional. I always wished and looked for a software to make people look younger or older. Always wished to see my face when I get older. Rather, most of what I found was tricks in Photoshop and illusions that merge 2 images together, but not much was done on let's say, an algorithmic way. I'm sure there is a mathematical logic behind the weathering of the face by age.

I stopped fasting today and I feel sort of refreshed; no napping in the office, no dehydration. And I'm planning to keep on like this the rest of the day without a nap in the afternoons as usual!
My visa is on the way to the embassy in Riyadh. It costed me 55KD not including the fees of the visa itself which the DHL will pay for later. 55KD is around 188 dollars. Just too much for a punch of papers that do not reach the weight of 1 kg (2.2 lb) even.

The day is going smoothly for now. I got me a new mouse instead of the damned pen mouse I have right now. This time, I got Logitech, which is said to be of high quality and that's why their prices are sort of rocketing! It is a wireless mouse, to reduce the fuss of the wires on my desk.
M205 Cordless Optical Wheel Mouse 
Now, in Amazon you'd see the price as approximately $9. If you think this is so much for this mouse, then please re-think. I got it for 7KD, that is something around $24. One day, we are going to order all of our stuff from the outside and leave the local market for the beggars.
Just before leaving the supermarket, I've noticed a book that I couldn't resist the urge to buy it. A book, that I was indeed in need of it when I was back then, a student with minor in Geology.

Rocks and Fossils (Kingfisher Young Knowledge) 
The book I have is different 
cover but the author here is the same.

One of the things that made me go into Geology, despite the bad management in this department in college, was that, I like nature, history and simply the beauty of planet Earth. I'm sure this book contains lot of information and pictures that would inspire my future shots later on. The thing about photography, is that you capture beauty (not all times of course), and for this reason I like it as well. So far, I can't say I'm good at portrait shoots, and maybe will never be because of some of conditions and laws that govern such images in the market, but I simply like the landscapes and the strange places (strange in a good way that is). Now you know why I like Ireland.

Still in the process of proof-reading, and it's going slowly so far. I've corrected many mistakes yesterday and today. My time is a bit messy now and I can't decide when to do this or that, but I do like to relax a bit now, specially after finishing the BIG burden; the Irish visa. All I have to do now is to wait for their response, hopefully. Meanwhile though, I have to make contacts with the admins in my work place. Famous people for their stupidity. I need to settle down some things concerning my upcoming vacation, and also my working time re-scheduling.
1921. then Kaliván thought of an idea but was dangerous
1922. and he said to Alexander: I am a little man as you can see,
1923. I might be able to approach the tree without being noticed?
1924. Alexander then refused and said: No! This is dangerous!
1925. but Kaliván insisted and said: we will not know, without trying,
1926. just tell me O hero, what to do if I got closer to it?
1927. Alexander went silent for a moment with some meditation
1928. then he realized that it might be indeed the only way
1929. thus he said to Kaliván: if you can go around the tree,
1930. check if there is any abnormal things in its bark,
1931. go now if you like, and I will watch over your steps
1932. thus Kaliván walked slowly and tried to approach
1933. but the tree started to move its branches and pushed him away
1934. the little man got angry as usual and wanted to go back again
1935. but Alexander made him stop and said: no use of that
1936. then he thought and said to himself: how does it know us?
1937. and how it knows we are approaching or going away?
1938. then suddenly the idea sparked in Alexander's head
1939. and suddenly he shouted out loud: the roots!
1940. Kaliván did not know what Alexander meant by that
1941. then Alexander asked Kaliván to collect some of the fruit
1942. and Kaliván went on all over the valley collecting them
1943. until he made a large pile of them beside Alexander
1944. then Alexander started to test his idea against the tree

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