Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alexander 6, V82.

Supposed to be a calm day without the annoyances! By the early morning a sudden pain stroke my feet and ankle and I've started to limp since then! This said, now it is Thursday and seems no going out for tonight, well, because of the World Cup. You know, sometimes I try to push myself to watch or like sports like other people do, but really, no use at all. I can't stand it, and I can't even stop thinking about it as... silly. As simple as that.
Made some lab work, and checked the damned admins to see how to request a leave without my salaries being paid in advance, and as usual, no satisfying answer. But I'm working on it still.

Since I'm not going out tonight, I might give it a real test this time with my VR head that I didn't use it still for real. My target might be the Guest Room again. The decoration or should I say, the composition, had changed in that room now so it won't be like the same composition as before. It is also a chance to check the parameters that I have to note down for my fisheye lens concerning the calibration factors.

Had some plenty of time in my hands in the office today after finishing the work with the samples, so I decided to go on with my note and pen(cil) and I wrote a piece that I called Over There. It is, somehow, about someone who immigrated away from home, but it also fits from my perspective, for someone who lives like a stranger in his own home. And by home, I mean homeland.

I hate to end it like that with no images at all, so here you go...

1945. Alexander picked one of those ball-like fruit
1946. and throw it on the ground until it reached the tree
1947. the tree banished the piece of fruit rapidly
1948. then Alexander said to Kaliván: quick, help me,
1949. let's put this pile at once beside the tree,
1950. I shall make the tree busy hitting those,
1951. while you help me cut out the branches
1952. Kaliván hesitated in the beginning
1953. because he did not want to hurt the tree
1954. but with the confidence of Alexander he went on
1955. so the two threw the pile on the tree all at once
1956. and the tree became like crazy hitting the fruit
1957. while Alexander worked with his sword on the back
1958. and Kaliván helped him to break small branches
1959. few moments passed and the tree was like naked
1960. no branches the tree had but only a top with leaves
1961. while some noises came from inside the tree like moans
1962. as if the tree was indeed shouting for the pain it had
1963. and the branches lied around and turned black
1964. then Kaliván said to Alexander: something inside it,
1965. there must be something inside this damned tree,
1966. never heard of a tree that cries out loud from pain
1967. thus Alexander said: we should cut it then
1968. but Kaliván replied: we would only kill the tree then

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