Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alexander 6, V83.

Finally, I've came to put my new VR head under the test. It works just like magic! Luckily for me, my fisheye lens seem to be working just fine with the default settings; that is, putting all the plates of the VR head on their centers and make the front of the lens rotate around the tripod axis. At least this is what my eyes told me when I went on calibrating and checking for any possible parallaxes.
My first trial was to shoot the Guest Room again...

The Guest Room

Maybe the most amazing part of it all is that the tiled floor came together as if by magic. However, there were tiny problem here, relative to the previous problems I had before.
One of the problems is that the zenith was completely plain and had no features, thus attaching it to the rest of the panorama at the end was a bit tricky. The second problem was the nadir and the head of the tripod that had to be erased. Strangely, the first stitch for whole thing proved unique with no stitching error at all, and the optimization in PTGui kept on showing a "good" to "very good" results. However, after stitching the nadir, I realized that it is hard to clear the bottom of the image simply like that, and hence I decided to go back to the original shot and work from there on erasing the head and fixing the tiled floor. Only when I did this, some stitching errors appeared, but, they were relatively easy to handle, sort of, while the rest of the image and the floor blended nicely. The next step of course, was to make up a QTVR out of it, otherwise my efforts have no meaning!

Beside the stitching errors, there was a tiny problem as well that might be a result of unclean sensor, but all was easily removed after tone-mapping with a "healing brush".
This said, today I decided to pick my tools and head to work to catch those labs that made a fuss out of my day before. I captured the two labs, the gamma and the anti-compton lab, and also I'm thinking catching a panorama of my own office! It's a real mess, just like any single guy's room. My PC will complain a lot in the few coming days!
Working with the VR head is not only about rotating the camera around a specific access to avoid the stitching errors, but it also organize your shooting in such a way that makes your computer understands the angles easily. Also, it enables you to avoid unnecessary shots of repetitive angles. Many times when I was shooting with  regular tripod, I realized that sometimes I was going into one full circle plus 1/6th, or more or less. Now with a clicking VR head you would simply avoid this matter and reducing the amount of photos that you have to take, and if you have a full-frame camera and such a fisheye lens, you'd need 4 to 6 horizontal angles, and one shot in 90 degrees up, with one down. For my camera, which has a smaller sensor (of crop factor 1.622), I need at least 30 degrees between shots, adding up to 12 (normal) shots, and beside the zenith and nadir, I would need an angle of 30 or 45 up and down. The idea of having a full frame camera is nice, but it would be a waste of lenses really.

More than 100 lines were checked today in Alexander 6, but still the path is long to the end! I've just reached line #721! I figured that I might finish in 30 days if I get used to read this amount daily, but alas! I can't do this in weekends!
I didn't write anything lately but instead I'm keeping whatever comes to my mind in a note, in hope that I would gather my thoughts altogether one day and pin it down in one piece (or more!).
Time now for some biscuits and ice tea, with some peaceful reading till the time to go off from this camp...

1969. after some moments of fast thinking
1970. Alexander decided to do something with Kaliván
1971. thus he asked Kaliván to gather the cut branches
1972. and they put them around the tree away for some distance
1973. then Alexander asked Kaliván to make fire with him
1974. so the two of them started to rub the wood altogether
1975. and so they made a spark and then into a fire
1976. then with their clothes they started to smoke the tree
1977. and the moaning started to get louder and louder
1978. when suddenly a black air came from the top
1979. with fierce shouts that none did understand
1980. Alexander felt that the danger is hovering around
1981. thus he got his hands ready on his Charnagút
1982. and as he expected the black smoke attacked
1983. but nothing he could do because it was but air
1984. thus the air passed through Alexander
1985. and Alexander could not feel his power anymore
1986. thus he knelt down and planted his Charnagút
1987. and he started to breathe heavily and looked at Kaliván
1988. but everything turned black and he fainted
1989. Alexander then opened his eyes to see Kaliván
1990. Kaliván was sitting on the chest of the hero
1991. and Alexander gazed around but he did not know the place
1992. while Kaliván said with a happy tone: we did it O hero!

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