Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alexander 6, V87.

 TGIT. WOHO! But unfortunately, I'm not going out tonight. But at least I will have a break from the humdrum of this work place and some time for myself to stay all night as much as I like!
I've left home this morning leaving my PTGui doing  stitch for me. The trials with Autodesk Stitcher did not work as well yesterday. The process was chaotic really. I tried this morning to stitch triplets or singles together but that didn't work as well or maybe I just didn't find the proper controls. The thing is, Autodesk Stitcher is completely automatic, with a sort of a powerful algorithm.
By coincidence I discovered a tiny mistake in Harald's book, in Page 42, where 2 captions and 2 images are flipped.
Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography

The only hope for me now is PTGui as it seems and this time I have to work the hard way. The way that I hated the most before. When I left home this morning I left PTGui stitching my office images in storing them as separate layers (with their correspondant layer mask). Later on, I will have to stock these in Photoshop and fix them manually to hide and show what I like, as I like. The name Photoshop brings the shiver to my PC's memory. I;m frustrated more about Autodesk Stitcher by the way, and I'm determined to find some use for this software by any cost!!!

I'm thinking of seriously ordering some new books about Photography and other things, but afraid to do so because I won't have the time to read them. These books were stored in my Wishlist long time ago. The main ones I'm planning to get are:

Photographic Multishot Techniques: High Dynamic Range, Super-Resolution, Extended Depth of Field, Stitching The Photographer's Guide to Making Money: 150 Ideas for Cutting Costs and Boosting Profits Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style Introduction to Manuscript Studies 

... and there might be others as well. As you can see not all the books are from Rookynook this time. The last book is something I've added recently. WIth my love to Archaeology, I do love manuscripts so much, and wish if I can touch one with my own hands one day! Isn't it amazing how much theories and mysteries lie ahead just by studying a single manuscript?

For the time being, I do need to work a bit just when I get back home, and then fall asleep to have a lonely fiesta of my own...
2065. Alexander did not know what was happening
2066. until he heard the voice that he heard before
2067. and the voice spoke to him: O hero of Caqobia,
2068. you have proved your nobility in the tasks given to you,
2069. thus I shall do what was written in destiny for you,
2070. the air I shall command to be with you,
2071. and the thunder I shall leave by your hands,
2072. the air shall make you walk like a Shágí,
2073. and the thunder shall make your wrath like Khaznútím,
2074. but all of that is yours if you grant me one thing O hero
2075. and Alexander raised his head and asked: what is it?
2076. Aramramátáníth said: they are only used for goodness,
2077. do not use them for personal attitudes or in moments of rage,
2078. I shall be very disappointed if you do so O Alexander,
2079. now Alexander, come near the tree of the valley,
2080. and repeat after me this ritual of healing,
2081. and you shall transfer portions of this brave heart,
2082. to the heart of this tree, that is its Jawsamályá,
2083. after that we can have answers to whatever you have
2084. and Alexander knelt beside the tree
2085. and started to say the ritual after Aramramátáníth
2086. then he felt his spirit being hung in the air
2087. and the tree grew greenish and very alive again
2088. while the heart beats of Alexander increased

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