Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alexander 6, V90.

A feeling of numbness occupies my mind and body. I couldn't even do much about my proof-reading, simply because I didn't feel like it at all. Not only that, but I've even left home without wearing my usual rings in my right hand, the two things that I would feel lost if I left the house without them, because I simply I didn't feel it!

Words come and go in my mind and I can't write anything. I hardly put one sentence on the paper just for the sake of not forgetting this line later on... I wanna get back home, and never leave...

All I wanna do for now is just listen to music, again and again...

2137. the wind moved carrying Alexander and his Cadid
2138. it was so fast and Alexander feared to fall down
2139. while his Cadid did not understand much of the events
2140. beautiful scenes they have seen from above
2141. the waters of the Great River, and its greenish banks
2142. while flock of birds were flying beside them all the way
2143. and the Cadid trying to catch them all the time
2144. while there in the sky, Alexander wondered about the sun
2145. and still he could not understand how this world works
2146. then he asked himself "who is this Hermit?"
2147. and he thought it is the same Hermit he saw in Daynur
2148. and while Alexander was swimming in his infinite thoughts
2149. he noticed the lands become darker, huge and close to him
2150. the looks were fierce and he did not know what land is this
2151. he could almost touch the land with his feet or hands
2152. although he was flying so high above the lands
2153. then he heard the soothing voice of Aramramátáníth
2154. "do not be afraid O hero of Caqobia, it is just a mountain,
2155. this is Ramramátallánútá, the Great Mountain, or Avvátallán,
2156. this is the father of all the mountains you have on Daynur,
2157. this is the root of all the hills you have on Daynur,
2158. here, where all the people in Uhir Daynur are buried,
2159. and where the Shanír lies within before the Judgment day"
2160. but Alexander got paralyzed for the view as if he heard nothing

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