Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alexander 6, V91, V92.

Well, it's Thursday! As you can see from the title above, I'm putting 2 verses today since I didn't post anything yesterday. I was at home and didn't go to work (Mowahaha). I had some disturbance in my sleeping schedule and stayed up all the night, and pushed myself to stay awake in the morning just to do the damn fingerprint scan and get back home to have a nap.
I've been considering more notes from Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography, by Harald Woeste, and building back more information on how to possibly fix some of my bad panoramas. I've also tried the Kolor Autopano software; it is one of the softwares recommended by Harald as well. A first trial for this software sounds good and it works with HDR images in OpenEXR format, but I couldn't find any controls to raise or lower down the exposure value for the stitched result. Could it be hidden? I digged the menues but no use. These controls are important for me since I need to see the details, because an HDR image usually looks pale and dark in the default setting of -/+ 0 EV. I've tried the software on my Office panorama, but the results were hideous a bit, but this is not a sign to be able to judge the software yet. The shoot is bad already with me moving objects in the scene. Got to try it on something more standard. It is noteworthy to say that Autopano got a plugin that works with PTGui to help on specificying control points only, but it doesn't work with HDR images, and only with 16-bit and below images.

 The Office (partial)

Now, there is one thing I've noticed while working again with PTGui on this office panorama, and I really don't know is it a problem with the file format, or with PTGui itself, but I do think it is something has to do with the format of the files. Anyway, the problem goes like this:
I was trying to stitch the panorama without the slides where my body is in, and then I would stitch another panorama of the slices where my body is in (3 slides total). I tried that once already but it didn't work out well. Among the problems that I had with blending in the 3 slides with the rest of the panorama, was actually a problem of the black background. When I saved this second panorama with only 3 slides as EXR, the background was black with many strips of various colors, like a TV noise. This time, I tried it out saving the files as HDR (Radiance) format, and the background was compeletely black and so easy to remove! I'm wondering what's behind all of this?

Beside working on these things I think I've forgot to post some of the single images that I've did before on that day, after taking the panoramas.

I do prefer the bottom one over the first actually, and it was taken with a 15mm fisheye lens. I worked hard on many adjustment layers to emphasize the blue sky effect. In these situation it would be a good idea to work with ND filters to reduce the intensity of the sun a bit, but it was a bad idea to work with a tungsten white-balance. I had to adjust the white balance after downloading the images to the PC. However, the white balance later on, after adjustments, had a little effect on the workflow, because after all, I tried my best to merge hot and cold colors altogether here and make a contrast and some opposition. The halo that resulted from the tone-mapping was not something I did like but I didn't want to touch it as well or everything would be messed up again. The thing I like about the first image, however, is the tiny clouds passing through the sky. The first image was taken with a 18-55mm lens @55mm, if I remember correctly. I'm not sure!
I was sort of able to break the spell today and finally got my pen to work a little bit. Not something I would say it's big, but at least it something! I called it "One Lucky Day."  It is something bursting out of my mind, after some events that I deemed unlucky or simply, dull, making my life sometimes without a meaning...
2161. then after the passage over the Avvátallán under him
2162. Alexander saw something like ants on the grounds
2163. the ground was greenish like farms were down there
2164. and Alexander asked: what are those? ants?
2165. the voice of Aramramátáníth appeared with laughter
2166. and this she said to Alexander: no hero, they are beasts,
2167. these are the Jawga Majawga of this world
2168. Alexander got shaken and shocked for the name
2169. and he thought he will never see such creatures
2170. then Aramramátáníth continued: do not worry O hero,
2171. they do not eat the flesh and drink blood like you've seen,
2172. but they eat the pasture and the grass on the lands,
2173. but they are causing problems for farmers and shepherds,
2174. maybe you can stop them O hero like you did in Daynur?
2175. but Alexander disliked the idea in that moment
2176. then he remembered his history of bravery in Daynur
2177. and this he said: but how shall I do that without men?
2178. Aramramátáníth said: I shall try to gather the men for you,
2179. it is one final task for you just before you meet the Hermit,
2180. I shall appreciate your help O hero of Caqobia,
2181. I have no control over these beasts, nor I can kill them,
2182. if you happen to block their way to go in between the valleys,
2183. the soldiers of nature shall I make under your feet
2184. but Alexander kept silent to think about the matter deeply
2185. Alexander memorized all of the moments of horror
2186. how his men died out and some of them were eaten
2187. although these beasts eat the grass only as they say
2188. but their name brings the fear into the hearts of brave ones
2189. and he gazed into the ground and forgot his fears of heights
2190. then this he said: yes, I will, bring me the men and put me down
2191. it was not easy for Alexander to refuse the request
2192. it is a matter of glory and bravery, shame and dishonor
2193. then Alexander was lowered down to the ground on a hill
2194. with his Cadid in a chain which he held in his hand
2195. Aramramátáníth then said: wait here O hero,
2196. I shall gather the farmers from the farms around you,
2197. you stay here until I come back, and do not get closer to them
2198. then Alexander replied: sure I will not! you go and I'll be here,
2199. I need some time to think of a way to do this matter
2200. Aramramátáníth then moved like the breeze over the meadows
2201. and made a blowing sound like the air into a sail
2202. then her sound disappeared slowly in the horizon
2203. and far away she moved, through the valleys
2204. while Alexander sat down with his Cadid on the grass
2205. he gave his Cadid some food from his bag
2206. but he did not feel like eating, and his mind was busy
2207. and his gaze expanded to the greenish horizons
2208. until he finally thought of some idea that might work

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