Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alexander 6, V93.

I need some an expert to explain to me what just happened today. I have a pain in my wrist, and I get an injection in the butt. Well, I think I won't be good as a doctor ever.
I was planning to fast today after some hard time with my appetit and... the bathroom. Unfortunately, after going to the clinic today, I've been given an injection and I have to take some pills 3 times a day, and that won't work with my fasting. So, I have to delay this for some time now.

My stuff reached Kuwait by now and well, I have to wait for the damn clearance to finish, like if I ordered porno magazines and toys. I'm boiling to try the monpod with the VR head. An experiment that won't prove successful maybe, but I have to try it out first. Also, feels like I will eat the books when they arrive. I already wish to order the other set of books that are on my mind so far, but no, I have to take control over myself, and my budget.

The proof-reading is reaching its end and hopefully I didn't skip anything or forgot any corrections due. Things, the time, and my life seem to go too slow for me, and I don't know if this is good or bad. People always kept saying to me to slow down the pace a bit from time to time, but now it feels weird that I can't push myself to do things. It could be I'm lazy, but I know how does it feel to be a lazy bum. This time, it's not like that at all...

I'm taking moments to think of some new ventures to do with my camera so far and for new places to try to catch my panorama with. In the same time, burning to drop by Ireland...
2209. a group of people with farming tools stood before Alexander
2210. then one man said: who is that stranger? he does not look like us!
2211. another man said: wait let us see the matter with him,
2212. remember that the Mother called us to gather here
2213. and a heavy silence hovered over the crowds suddenly
2214. while Alexander gazed with his eyes over the farmers
2215. he realized that they are not like the army he had before
2216. so he wondered how useful they can be for the task
2217. then he started to ask: did Aramramá... tell you about me?
2218. one man said: yes, she said you will help us O stranger
2219. Alexander replied: yes, I will try to, with your help,
2220. does anyone here know how to mine for minerals?
2221. one man shouted: we are farmers O stranger, not miners!
2222. and the matter sounded complicated for Alexander
2223. he has to drop the plan and think of a new one
2224. then he asked the farmers: what are you good at?
2225. beside farming and seeding your lands O good people?
2226. then one man said: some of us make clay instruments,
2227. and some of us work with iron and copper
2228. then Alexander wondered: how you get iron and copper?
2229. you just said you do not mine the land for metals!
2230. and the man replied: yes we do not mine at all,
2231. we search in the waters of the rivers near and far,
2232. this is how we make our tools for harvest


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