Monday, July 5, 2010

Alexander 6, V94.

Been a quiet day relatively, beside the annoyances from the construction workers outside and the dirty janitor on the other side. Sort of unusual for a Monday I'd say.
My stuff are stuck with the DHL still since yesterday with "clearance delay" message all the time. I think the suckers who inspect the books try to flip every page in it to see if there is anything offending or something and try to go around it. Such "unusual" delay happened when I ordered my previous st of books from Rockynook as well, and the books remained 4 days for clearance!

I've finished, finally, the proof-reading of Alexander 6, hoping that I didn't skip anything by mistake. I guess it is the time now to work on the website seriously, and also to record the reciting of the story in Ayvarith. Along with that comes the re-formulation of the text to adapt to my new transliteration standard, but I won't rush on that. It feels weird though that I'm not doing much in my office today! Thus, I grabbed my Irish Ghosts book and started to read some, after stopping for quite some time now. After that I started to read my Geology facts book. I'm thinking now of something to do for tomorrow to pass the day in the office, since I won't do any sample preparation until Thursday maybe.

This space pushed me a bit to write something. I called it One Thousand Words. Just for a moment now, and after reading it again, I really can't realize how I did write it or what I was thinking of. I guess it is just the magic of the pen and the brain working together without sensing it at all.
Now, photography wise, still no ideas, although I was supposed to ask my director for some suggestions about the last room or lab that we need to make as a QTVR, beside the other two done before.

The Gamma Lab

The Anti-Compton Lab

2233. then an idea occurred to Alexander immediately
2234. and he thought that teaching the people is better
2235. thus he suggested to them to look for metals in waters
2236. and bring all they can find before him to see it
2237. so the farmers went on to do the task for Alexander
2238. and they brought a huge amount of metals from the rivers
2239. thus Alexander was amazed for so much iron and copper
2240. and wondered how those people drink the waters
2241. yet he remembered that it is not like his world now
2242. and everything weird can be done in this Uhir Daynur
2243. then he ordered the men who can work with metals
2244. to work with iron and copper and mix them together
2245. then he made them make a powder from the alloy
2246. then he ordered the men who work with clay
2247. to mix the powder with the clay paste
2248. then they made up bricks out of the clay
2249. thus when everything was ready to be done
2250. he ordered them to start making a wall around the valley
2251. and advised them to do it quietly during night time
2252. thus the days passed while the men work at night only
2253. until the wall of bricks surrounded the valley
2254. while all the beasts were in the center of the valley
2255. and Alexander worked with them with his own hands
2256. and his work was the double of any man of them

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