Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alexander 6, V95.

This will be one busy day!! I got my babies from the DHL, and just right after 12:00 p.m. . I believe the temperature out there was something exceeding 50C (~122F maybe). I'm pretty sure of that. I wanted to get these stuff and get back to my work place as fast as I can. I virtually did eat the books when I got into my office. I was flipping the pages gazing into the pictures in a fast rhythm. Not only that, but even one of the books got a chapter on HDR imaging, which is something I didn't know of!

Photographic Multishot Techniques: High Dynamic Range, Super-Resolution, Extended Depth of Field, StitchingMastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style 

And of course let's not forget the beloved monopod that might, just might, solve lot of my problems!

BENRO MA-96M8 Aluminum Monopod 

I do really need to settle down at home and work with all of these stuff for a really long time. I still remember the first time I got my book about Architectural Photography. I finished reading it in something around 5 days. I always had a problem keeping on reading something for a long time, and this is a problem I had all my life, but with these books, the only thing that makes me drop it is a tiresome eyes and falling asleep!

Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture, and Digital Image Processing 

In my office today I made one serious trial to put a layout for my coming webpage, and I was surfing the net for some tips about adding a sound into a webpage without using the usual Flash, but seems after all I have to use some kind of scripting, and this time with Java. I'm not sure how it is all done, but things will come slowly I guess.

The basic layout so far...

I wanted to add a translation for each word of those into Ayvarith, but I'm reluctant to do so, and possibly, I won't add a sound along with these. The idea I had in my mind was to put a "MouseOver" action to each word, and a sound would be played with the Ayvarith writing showing beside it or underneath each word of those accordingly. Realizing my weaknesses in the field of HTML and my desire to leave out the Flash composition, I have to lower down my ambitions!

An item of good news came in today, when I got a message on my www.writing.com account, saying that I gained an honorable mention (with some extra gift points as a reward). The reward went for my poem, Queen, which was submitted for one of the contests in the website. An honorable mention is just like being placed on the 4th place or so, right after the three main winners. However, from the comments I've seen, people seem to like it!

Now, it is time to put this down and go on reading some books until it is time for me to get the hell outta here!
2257. but amid the work on the wall some beasts approached
2258. they realized with their low minds that it is not good
2259. thus they desired to attack Alexander and his men
2260. and the noise had been made all over the valley
2261. thus, other beasts were warned and came to help
2262. and Alexander had no choice but to release the Cadid
2263. thus the Cadid attacked them like a fierce dog
2264. but the beasts kept on coming to Alexander
2265. yet he found no escape from drawing his sword
2266. and started to slash it through them fiercely
2267. then, amid the battle and the blood flushing over
2268. Alexander noticed a rapid moving object beside him
2269. and then he looked upon heads of beasts flying away
2270. he did not know what was going on in the battle field
2271. he thought it was one of the farmers fighting with him
2272. but he forgot this idea since farmers are not good with it
2273. he took a look to the back and saw the men working
2274. so fast they were doing the job and so afraid of the beasts
2275. thus he forgot the idea of a farmer being a warrior
2276. with this thread of thoughts in his mind going on
2277. he kept on watching something amid the beasts
2278. a warrior was walking with him and with his Cadid
2279. it was but moments when Alexander saw the shadow
2280. and with a surprise he shouted: Birbuár?!!!

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