Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alexander 6, V96

One busy day. All what I was doing in the office is reading, reading and reading. I started reading my new books since yesterday (of course!) and I've already finished around half of the first book. There are some comments I would like to put them in my review of this book. Generally, there is one new thing to me so far, and that would be the technique of "Super-Resolution" which I've never encountered. There are plenty of softwares mentioned in the context with heavy details, but I would say only one that got my attention, and that would be the PhotoAcute software, which is used to achieve the super-resolution image. Other techniques that I'm passing through right now are actually old for me, or let's say tried them out myself before reading this book; like enlarging an object using a small panorama or focus stacking where you achieve greater depth of field from several ones with shallow depths. The softwares mentioned are different but I did already try Exposure Fusion method and the regular Photoshop to achieve greater depth of field from several images. There is a chapter about HDR imaging, and I can't wait to read more about it.
The 3rd chapter in the book was so heavy and dense with lot of technicality regarding the file types and differences between them. I have to admit that I've skipped large portions of the text.

On the other hand I've been experimenting with my new monopod lightly just to test its load capability, and it did carry my VR head handsomely, despite the spring-like shake with its mini-tripod legs expanded. The thing that I've really liked is that it has an adapter for the different holes sizes, which means I can fix my VR head on top without connecting the usual nut that I've been using for my old tripod. Nevertheless, it needs to be tried for real. The total length was greatly larger than my own height! But this is good! You won't know when you going to need such height.

Meanwhile, I will try not to stop all my activities for reading this book. In fact I was exchanging my reading today between my reading book and my geological facts book. Otherwise, I've done nothing in my Ayvarith project, nor with my camera.

By the way, by mistake, yesterday I've mentioned that my poem "Queen" was given an honorable mention, but the truth is my poem, the Clutching Ghetto, is the one that got it.

Now it's time to pack my stuff and get away from this place, away from this dirty janitor...

2281. yet Alexander could not believe his eyes
2282. it was really his old friend Birbuár fighting
2283. Birbuár greeted Alexander with a sign from his hand
2284. and the smile was on his face like it never had been
2285. the three kept on fighting the beasts fiercely
2286. the view of Birbuár pushed Alexander forward
2287. he felt such a comfort now to see his old friend
2288. and his courage was elevated to the extreme
2289. then the men behind him shouted at him
2290. "get out now! we are closing the wall forever!"
2291. thus the three were running in a hurry
2292. while the beasts followed them as well
2293. until they passed the gate of the wall
2294. then the farmers closed the gate firmly
2295. and started to build on it as well to close it
2296. so the beasts will not be able to work on it
2297. while Alexander and his Cadid with Birbuár
2298. helped on sealing the gate with the bricks
2299. while Birbuár climbed up on some tower
2300. and started to throw the stones on the beasts
2301. they were roaring with anger trying to knock the gate
2302. but now it is sealed forever by the help of Alexander
2303. thus the three fighters took some time to rest
2304. while Alexander asked Birbuár about his news

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