Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alexander 6, V97.

Being struck with diarrhea made my day almost idle. Thank God I was able to read the whole day in the office. There are many things in this book that I've encountered before, so it is kind of a revision to me, but nevertheless, I'm keeping on reading even the things that I've known already by experimenting before, just in case I would capture some details that I didn't know of before. It is a good book for a beginner I would say, and probably I should review it as it is like that.

Photographic Multishot Techniques: High Dynamic Range, Super-Resolution, Extended Depth of Field, Stitching 

I've found a little glitch in the text though about Photoshop and the photomerge tool, where it says it doesn't support merging HDR images, while the fact is it does and I've tried it many times before I move on with PTGui. Probably the talk was about CS3 version, and to me, I actually jumped from CS2 to CS4 directly, so this could be true for CS3 only.

Anyway, I'm formulating some ideas to experiment with, with my camera, as I'm reading the book. Hope to progress on those soon. We have a holiday here on next Sunday (The Ascension Day), so despite the sickness inside me, I'm trying to feel cheerful for one day off in the next week.

Tried my monopod briefly without shooting any images, with the heavy VR head on top and the camera attached to it. It shook a bit of course but remained standing still. There was some slight slanting to the right side because of the "L" shape of the VR head, which makes the center of mass shift in that direction slightly and bend the monopod a bit. Still the experiment is not finished yet, because I have to do a serious panorama out of it. Thinking about it now, I think there is no other way to avoid taking the usual bulky tripod with me when I travel to Ireland. Extra weight is on the way!

Thursday, finally here. I don't feel like eating lunch even for today, but I really need my bed, even though I slept from 7:00 p.m. and woke up today at around 4:00 a.m.; that is a total of around 9 hours, yet, I do still feel like sick and drained...

If only these damn 20 minutes pass so quickly now... 

2305. "Birbuár! what a surprise is that!" Alexander said
2306. Birbuár laughed out loud and this he said to Alexander
2307. "yes hero! your news are reaching the horizons!
2308. I finished the tasks of Khaznútím and came to you!"
2309. Alexander asked then: he let you go? just like that?
2310. and Birbuár answered: yes, he realized I am a good man now,
2311. and when he knew I wanted to help you out,
2312. he figured out that it is a noble reason indeed,
2313. thus he allowed me to come here and help,
2314. how shall I forget Alexander the hero of Caqobia?
2315. or how shall I forget the friend who helped me?
2316. then Alexander asked: but you are still a Shágí?
2317. Birbuár said: it is about time for this to change anyway,
2318. I think Khaznútím is considering to let me go as a soul,
2319. thus, no torture shall I have to see anymore!
2320. Alexander then wondered about the change in Birbuár
2321. "you look different Birbuár! your face is not the ugly one,
2322. and your shadow is not that blackish as before!
2323. you changed a lot" Alexander said to Birbuár
2324. Birbuár laughed again and said to Alexander
2325. "yes indeed, this is what happens when you help out,
2326. I discovered nothing is like helping people!
2327. thus, my halo changed slowly into this,
2328. and this is why Khaznútím changed his mind!"

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