Monday, July 12, 2010

Alexander 6, V98, V99.

Here we are, a Monday after a three-day weekend. I'm posting 2 verses for now as I didn't post anything yesterday (despite my plans). The work place seems quiet today after my colleague left in his vacation. YES! I wanna spend the whole time listening to music and reading. Ah well, it's not all like problems-less. Just one hour ago we (the secretary and I) had to sort out some dilemma concerning orders that been made by colleague. Not important, so far.

I've started reading my other book now and seems it is the variety of books I've been looking for. It discusses philosophical matters beside technicality of photography. I'm still in the beginning though and it's a long long read in front of me. Around 18 chapters in it, and I must try my best to digest whatever in it, either concepts, or technical procedures. It is a book about photography as an Art, rather than a camera.

Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style 

In another venture, I've tried, finally, to capture a panorama with my new monopod, just to try out its capabilities, and seems it will be quite well although I'm still reluctant about taking it alone in my travel to Ireland. I think I will include my old tripod as well just in case. The panorama is not new to me, with only the time difference to the previous time, our own yard.

The circumstances in this panorama were challenging but still it went well I suppose. The time was early hour of the morning, and maybe you can see the sun is raising in the horizon still. The weather was awfully humid and I had to rub clean my fisheye lens while shooting. There was also this cat that kept on rubbing against me legs begging for food! However, despite all of that, it went sort of well except of some errors that I didn't care to fix here actually for a purpose.
While shooting, I had to keep my fingers gently on the monopod to keep the vibrations as low as possible. The shoot was conducted in Av mode (Aperture-Value priority) and not in M(anual) mode as I usually do. I realized that in fact what I usually do in Manual mode is the same as the Av mode; set the aperture and change the shutter speed to match the -2,0,+2 bracketing, and this is exactly the Av mode! It is also helpful to not touch the camera much in these conditions with a shaky monopod. Despite the tri-legs but it is not so stable to depend on my free movements away from it. I had to keep my hand all the time. One angle in particular was bad and maybe not so obvious in this small version of the panorama, and that was the angle of the left-side door (the door to the guest room); at this angle, the monopod was vibrating so much and made it worse with my hand grip over it. The image from that angle was typically shaky and blurred.
The zenith, was taken normally but for some reason it was darker than the rest of the image. I could've raised the exposure a bit before stitching it with the others, but I left it like that just to see the errors I have here. I don't think it is a mistake related to the monopod itself anyway. The zenith as well created a problem AFTER stitching, where the guest room door appeared with broken lines suddenly (and it was just fine before the stitch!). Now I'm trying to figure out a way to use the monopod in helping me to capture a more easy-going nadir (bottom) image. I didn't care much to stitch the nadir in the panorama above, because it's just an example so far. It would be important, however, if I was planning for a complete QTVR. I guess my experiment with the monopod turned out like 4 out of 5 stars.

BENRO MA-96M8 Aluminum Monopod 

Among all these experiments and reading that I have to do, I'm trying to sort out some tiny time for my webpage project. I've made some effects for today but I didn't put my mind really into it yet. I'm bad...
2329. then Birbuár asked Alexander about his news
2330. and he went on telling him everything about the village
2331. until he arrived here in this place to help the farmers
2332. Birbuár then said: you are going for the Hermit?
2333. I heard he is a weird man indeed, but a wise one!
2334. I heard also that his age extends back in time,
2335. so ancient he is that you cannot tell,
2336. yet, his looks are young like time stopped
2337. and what are you going to do there O hero?
2338. Alexander replied: Aramramátáníth told me,
2339. that he might have the answers I need,
2340. he might know what I am doing here,
2341. and how to get back to my lands and the beloved
2342. then Birbuár said: I see you have conquered a Cadid!
2343. how brave are you to capture your own Cadid!
2344. then Alexander replied: believe me my friend,
2345. I did not know what is this until I met Biryári!
2346. fighting him was easy to me, and I wonder for the people!
2347. why they are so afraid of such creatures?
2348. why they cannot just defeat their Cadids by themselves?
2349. then Birbuár said in a calm voice: O good king of Caqobia,
2350. there is so much for you to learn about our world,
2351. your soul is everything for you in here,
2352. and if it is a dark one, then no hope with a Cadid

2353. the two talked for a while and forgot about time
2354. until it was just before the darkness to fall upon them
2355. Birbuár raised and said: it is getting darker O hero,
2356. it is time for me to dwell back to Khaznútím
2357. Alexander asked: where to O brave friend?
2358. Birbuár replied: I must go back before dark,
2359. I promised Khaznútím to get back to him,
2360. I must head to the Big Brother Mountain,
2361. and from there he shall take me to his place
2362. and Alexander asked: and where is his place?
2363. Birbuár answered in a low voice: Ah my friend,
2364. you do not really want to ask all these questions,
2365. I myself do not know where his place is in fact,
2366. it is like something not part of this world by any way,
2367. one time you are here, then suddenly you are in his,
2368. where everything is made of fire, but nothing hurts,
2369. unless you do a mistake or make him angry,
2370. then bear with him whatever it might have to take
2371. Alexander then had a farewell with his friend Birbuár
2372. and the two hugged each other like they will never meet
2373. then it was but a matter of eye blinks from Alexander
2374. and Birbuár was not standing in front of him anymore
2375. he flew away just like a Shágí would always do
2376. free of the physical world and free of bounds

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