Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alexander 6, V100.

Relatively a busy day, with some bad surprises along the way. With me starting to fast again, it feels dull. I now realize that eating for me, in the first place, is a psychological need rather than a nutritional one. My eyes are so tired of reading and I cannot have some rest in the office as usual because of some visitors. My room is the meeting room.
On the other hand, there had been some routine work with samples preparation, which was going fine, except when I discovered that one of the motors connected to some device, is broken. Most probably, it had been like that for many days before I discover it, and the first suspect is, of course, Mr Dirty Janitor. I'm trying to push my luck further and try to make the admins or whoever responsible for those guys change this guy with another one. At least someone who doesn't spit too much in the bathroom!

I've been reading further in the usual book, made by Alain Briot, and now I've been enjoying it even more. It is a discussion about life and nature. Well, maybe the dominant style of this book is landscape photography but for sure it works with its concepts in other areas of photography and life. It had a brief discussion as well about some astronomical aspects when it comes to catching sceneries under the moon or sun lights, and that was amusing for me. Beside that, I've figured that I was doing some of the aspects explained in this chapter without me "studying" those in deep. Like for example, I always preferred winter to take photos here in Kuwait, not because of the weather change, but also because, simply, the light and colors of nature are better and look more interesting, and this point is exactly explained in this book! Well, maybe in more details and precise better terms. Well, I guess photography is a mix of logic and feelings altogether, you just need to think about your "feelings".

Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style

One of the aspects that "awakened" me really was that the concept of light and colors and how to make the photo interesting. In these lines, I've realized, or more like remembered, that I've been capturing most of my photos for HDR merging and then tone-mapping to give some interesting results of the light conditions. Been really long time since I did represent a single photo. I should work more on this side if I would want my photographs to be "real".
Under this influence, I've began digging again in my arsenal of RAW images from Ireland. I've picked up one image that was not really interesting in composition and I dont remember putting it in my collection before (could be once only when I was writing this blog in Ireland still). I worked extensively in the RAW Converter fixing many values in there without thinking of merging into HDR, and the result was...

 The porous rock from Lough Corrib (Loch Coirib), Co. Galway, Ireland.

I'm fond of the composition though. If I was to shoot this again, I would pick a lower angle, but I know it would be hard that way, because I was already standing on the rocks (and partially soaked up!). However, it was an interesting rock. I should thank here the ProPhoto gamut (or color space). After finalizing my settings, I've changed the space in the RAW Converter into sRGB and Adobe RGB systems, they were not as brilliant as this one, and also naturally, kept the histogram in the middle, not touching the max highlight level or the max shadow level. This harmony is absolutely corrupted when it is converted into other space systems. Love you, ProPhoto! Unfortunately, it is not a very common work-field.

Talking about Ireland again, maybe I should do some re-checks now. Well, more than 2 months ahead, but I guess it is useful to do it now and then and also print out the description of the location(s). You really don't want to get lost in the countryside!
2377. then, the farmers made a celebration for the hero
2378. the night was lighted with torches and three moons
2379. and everyone was happy and merry with laughters
2380. except of one man who was in deep thought ahead
2381. who else it could be except of the poor Alexander
2382. then a farmer whose name was Juvvál approached
2383. and he put a hand on the shoulder of Alexander calmly
2384. Alexander was startled in the beginning and looked back
2385. Juvvál said: calm down O hero! I see you are busy!
2386. the people celebrate for you and you do not join them?
2387. Thus Alexander sighed and looked up to the sky
2388. Juvvál then smiled and said: smile O hero and calm down,
2389. what life is worthy of when we spend every day with worrying?
2390. the burden of the mind do not go by thinking all the time,
2391. but the burden of the mind goes with a laughter,
2392. come O hero and join the singing men for your glory
2393. Alexander smiled back but it was a yellowish smile
2394. and this he said: O good man, it is not easy to be happy,
2395. specially when you are in a dilemma about your existence,
2396. who am I? what I am doing in here? I cannot know myself!
2397. I lost the track of time in here, no days no years,
2398. can you tell me O good man what is the purpose of life?
2399. can you tell me O good man what is my destination?
2400. and Alexander's speech was over with heavy silence

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