Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alexander 6, V101.

It is sort of a busy day, with me being busy fixing the motor in the lab and figuring out some stuff. With fasting now, time seems so narrow and yet so boring in the same time. At work, it is boring and I would get tired reading or working with anything so fast without my usual power drink or coffee, and while I get back home and because of the tiresome body, I have to sleep directly upon reaching home and that, wastes a lot of my time, and even when waking up after 3 hours of time, I would still need some refreshment and some mood to work on what I plan to do, and that is something I don't get so often...

Been reading 3 books today at work, and also thinking of some words to write. I didn't write anything in weeks now and I just don't want to cool it down like that. Should I stop my fasting now just to retain some aspects of my life? It's so hard for me to decide really...

2401. Juvvál brought a stool and sat beside the hero
2402. and with a soft and slow voice he started his speech
2403. "O hero, why do you like to make things harder for you?
2404. life is life, everyone has a matter in it by every single day,
2405. see those merry men, they work by day so hardly,
2406. and by night they sleep happily for what they have done,
2407. life does not matter if you have faith in God,
2408. because you will always know that He has His ways,
2409. and from His ways, the wisdom comes to you and guide you,
2410. tell me O hero, where are you from? Your name is weird to me!"
2411. thus Alexander went on explaining the story of his life on Daynur
2412. and how he became a dweller in the lands of Uhir Daynur
2413. it is then when Juvvál said: it is a great matter indeed!
2414. it is the Hermit then you are seeking in this place,
2415. no one from the farmers dares to go to the place of the Hermit,
2416. it is dark even in midday, and beasts roam all over the place!
2417. but I presume you have no problem with that with your Cadid!
2418. then Alexander said: and how to reach that place?
2419. then Juvvál extended his arm and pointed to a tip
2420. the tip of the mount was like if it covered one moon
2421. and the bluish halo surrounded its tip like a saint
2422. thus Alexander said: is it there what I am seeking?
2423. Juvvál answered: yes, your Hermit lives there on the top,
2424. in a place so to be called, the House of the Hermit

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