Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alexander 6, V102

Alone in the office. Everyone is gone now. It's quiet indeed, but boring somehow, even with the fact that I've worked in the lab preparing some samples.
I keep on reading and reading but at some point, nothing goes into my head. I was planning to take a short leave after 12, but now the secretary is gone so early, so I'm still studying my options till writing this.
Some ideas for photography are going into my mind right now and also I need to plan a real test for my monopod, this time without the mini-tripod legs.

The pain in my wrist has been there now for, maybe 2 months? It's far lesser than before but it is still annoying. Sometimes wakes me up at midnight at the time that I can barely sleep.
It's Thursday. And it was a short week because of the holiday we had last Sunday, yet, I don't feel so excited about it. I don't know why. Sounds just one regular day I want it to pass away...
2425. Juvvál held the hands of Alexander gently then
2426. and he grabbed Alexander with him slowly
2427. and this he said to Alexander: and now, you must smile
2428. and the group of farmers made a circle all around him
2429. and all of them made a dance in unique movements
2430. just like a flock of birds in the skies fly freely
2431. thus Alexander could not help but to smile
2432. he felt the joy inside his heart, something he lost
2433. it had been a long time since he felt such a joy
2434. and the hours of the night passed easily then
2435. and everyone fell asleep, and Alexander as well
2436. by the next morning then Alexander raised up
2437. he looked around but everyone was up before him
2438. and the farmers were digging the lands and planting
2439. then Juvvál approached Alexander and greeted him
2440. and with a smile he said: Aramramátáníth is waiting,
2441. she ordered me to tell you to go to the Well of Truth,
2442. where our judges and trials all are done over there
2443. thus Alexander got ready and prepared himself
2444. and to the Well of Truth he went in a hurry
2445. he walked behind Juvvál and wished to race him
2446. but kept in his tracks because he does not know the way
2447. until he found himself in that greenish spot
2448. where the elders were sitting and waiting for him

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