Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alexander 6, V106

Another busy day, which is normal by now because of the absence of my colleagues here. I have to run everything here, and unfortunately, with no extra bonus.
I had plans as well today to sit with my note and try to write something after being in thought with some ideas and words for writing them down in my note, unfortunately this is not possible now since work took sort of longer than usual and we got news from the Public Relations department saying that we got suddeny visitors from the outside and we had to prepre for this visit. Finally, they didn't come. Which made me so, so, so upset and happy in the same time! Weird feelings really but this is it. I'm sort of upset that they didn't come because with all this readiness and me not reading or writing own what I was thinking of, this should be worth it, but they didn't come. On the other hand, I'm glad because I have no mood now for socializing and tutoring or guiding through some tourists into our labs. Not really tourists, they are from another university. Just not in mood for all of this. I want to be alone for now.

Yesterday I've been working on another photograph from Ireland, trying to make it into black and white, but ended up with 3 different versions. Also, I've found out that even for photos that were intended for HDR but now would be converted into a black and white version, Photomatix would do it gladly. In fact, it does a great job in black and white. There are so many sliders controling many aspects of the light that makes it funnier than working solely in Photoshop.

The target image. Lough Corrib in front of the Waterfront.

As you can see from the previous image, it is a badly saturated. In fact, I made this image when I was in Ireland for a previous blog post and back then I didn't have the techniques or the information that I have now, and thus it turned out so badly blue. This is bad. It shouldn't be saturated like this. The image was shot intentionally in a tungsten white balance while the weather was grayish, that was mainly for my desire back then to emphasize the bluish nature and to reflect the lake in blue too. Anyway, this is gone by now. This image now is about to change.
In Photomatix, I've created very-low saturated image (not completely black and white). However, the rest of the work was done in Photoshop. The reason that I didn't make it completely in black and white is that, I wanted to test and see, do people really recognize colors in such weather? What feelings does it give? The image could be for some people still in black and white actually. The saturation level was set to 5% only and you would barely see the blue hue with some concentration. Anyway, doing so, didn't really stop me from creating a "real" black and white version as well, and then after that a sepia version out of the black and white. Combining them altogether, I've called the image, choose your mood!

Click for a larger version.

This work now gives me hint that even for black and white work, you would, maybe, better do it in HDR technique but with a low saturation! HDR gives you some control over the highlights and shadows like shaping clay! Well, not exactly, but it does to some extent.
On the other I was sort of disappointed to see my sepia and B&W of the tower (posted yesterday) get rejected by Canstockphoto because of some halos and other artifacts in the image. Well, I have to admit, it was indeed there. The two images had artifacts, but I thought some considerations are sort of neglected or put aside in case of B&W images. Anyway, the images look nice in small size as lot of people judged, and if Canstockphoto do accept photos smaller than 2400x1600 pixels, I would definetely try my luck again. Now, I'm waiting for these 3 moodal images' judgement!

The time is getting closer for Ramadhan, and my travel to Ireland after Ramadhan. Thrilled and scared, and waiting for it in the same time. I need a vacation indeed...
2521. then Aramramátáníth lowered Alexander down
2522. somewhere near a cave at the base of the mount
2523. and this she said to him: when it is the night time,
2524. climb up this mountain to its tip above the clouds,
2525. and there your promised man shall be in his cave
2526. then Alexander wondered: all that distance? by night?
2527. I surely cannot make it in such a short time of the night!
2528. thus she replied: use your Cadid, he knows the way there,
2529. now Alexander, I have to leave, as my role is over with you
2530. thus Alexander greeted her with respect and waved in the air
2531. and the sounds of air started to tickle his ears gently
2532. then soon everything went into heavy silence
2533. Alexander then looked at his Cadid and said this
2534. "are you the one who will carry me over there?"
2535. the Cadid then moaned and groaned in such a way
2536. thus Alexander understood the answer as to be "yes"
2537. then Alexander called his Cadid to go on hunting
2538. for they needed some food to cope with this aridity
2539. but the two went on circles between the dry trees
2540. and no food they could find anywhere around them
2541. thus they started to cut down some branches and bark
2542. and tried to get some water out of them and drink
2543. then they ate what is left of those branches and barks
2544. they were so bitter for their tongues but no other way

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