Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alexander 6, V107.

Just whne I thought Thursday is finally here. The pain with my right wrist is becoming greater after some sudden stretch resulting from my clumsy movement. Went to the doctor to take some paper to do an X-Ray, and I was lucky (yeah really!) to know that the X-Ray is in the same clinic upstairs and I don't have to go to any hospital to this.
The X-Ray showed no signs of injuries to the bones, so the doctor said that it is most probably related to the tendons or muscles (not sure if this is what they call it, tendons?). She said come back in 3 days if the pain did not calm down (or go away?). Anyway, I got a feeling that I'll have to visit her by next Sunday.

As a result of today's "journey" I didn't work in the lab and barely had time to read after coming back. But, I had some time to write something! I named it "Just Like A Hero." It reflects my belief about what or who is the hero in this life: Is it the man with the gun that fights for either good or evil, or is it the the person who spreads the passion and the bless wherever he goes? Despite my haste in writing this, I hope you like reading it. I wrote some of it in the early morning before I leave my office to the clinic, and the rest was when I got back, thus there might be some apparent discontinuity in the chain of thoughts that might be felt in between the lines.

Back to photography, I was lucky now that Canstockphoto did accept my three versions of The Drama Lake (as I called it). Sort of got me back some confidence. I shall try to see other images sitable for black and white conversion.
Yesterday, and instead of working on a new image, I was testing some cropping on The Drama Lake (the BW version). I used to use cropping to eliminate many unwanted stuff in my images but now I'm trying to raise up a step and try to imply this to enhance the composition of my images, when possible.

Named it "Grace"

I can't really say the composition is good, since you are the judge. But I was trying to use the law of thirds in here and place the tree in one of the essential points around the center of the image, but because of other elements around, that was not possible without losing or putting back things. The rays of light are, of course, made up here. Just to make up something and not let it be a boring one. Some people actually didn't like it because of the "noise" as they said made by the clouds. That is, a compositional noise. Well, I do agree to some extent, although the clouds is the thing that made me take this picture in the first place.

Now with this pain in my wrist, photography is more like a challenge rather than something I do because it makes me relax. With this wrapped up hand that I ca barely move, things are going to be hard for me when dealing with the camera, and most importantly, my VR-head!

2545. the food and water they had did not satisfy Alexander
2546. and the day seemed longer than it seems in reality
2547. while their stomaches started to groan loudly
2548. and Alexander felt his body's weakness severely
2549. but his Cadid went on trying to catch something
2550. but the land was so dry and no hopes for survival
2551. then Alexander gazed upon the clear blue sky
2552. and he prayed to God, his savior and the Giver
2553. then Alexander fainted because of the weakness
2554. and he closed his eyes and gave his soul to God's mercy
2555. some time passed which Alexander did not count
2556. and he suddenly felt a cold touch upon his cheek
2557. thus he opened his eyes and gazed into heaven
2558. and he saw the miracle of God in front of his eyes
2559. the sky was raining like it never did in centuries
2560. while the green cover was growing with every drop
2561. thus he knelt down and praised God, Almighty
2562. while his Cadid was running like if he was dancing
2563. it was raining for a short time but all the green came out
2564. and the trees riped again and carried different food
2565. thus Alexander started to gather the food and water
2566. while his Cadid was helping him with a happy face
2567. thus everything was prepared and supplies were taken
2568. and the two had some rest until the arrival of the night

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