Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alexander 6, V108.

Been one weekend with action. Most importantly, I was thinking seriously of formatting my PC AGAIN and built it all over after some error when I tried to restart. As usual. That's why I hate restarts whenever I do an update of anything. It sucks big time.
My hand is getting better with me keeping on having the Cataflam pills, which somehow didn't have the effect I have in my mind of making me drowsy all the time. Or maybe I've developed some resistance for such pills. However, my hand is getting better a bit and there is still some pain when I do a certain movement with my thumb.

After the problem was resolved with this PC that would get me a heart attack one day, I started to work again on some images and tried my best to do so without getting back to HDR technique. The results were not always fine but well, with the help of ProPhoto, I do have more freedom to develope some fascinating colors. Unfortunately, some websites still don't support this profile and maybe even some PCs do not see it the way I do. I think it has to do with graphic cards or something. When it comes to this technicality I'm blank for sure.

My first trial was with that little forest way I found by coincidence near the Waterfront. Despite the cloudy weather back then but I tried to emphasize the hot aspect of the scene by increasing saturation and adding a hot hue.

This image really reminds me of the dwarves, sort of, because of the small arch that branches make along the way. Nevertheless, I was able to find my way through. I think an HDR version won't look as pretty as this one with a tone-mapping process, unless it is done carefully and with a tideous effort. Originally, the shoot was for HDR, with 3 bracketed images, but the overexposed image or the last of the images was shaken, because, simply, the shoot was done handheld with no tripod in use and the shutter speed was long enough to ensure my arms shake! The best choice I think is this; play with your RAW in ProPhoto!

Another image was like its predecessor, was what I called the White Berry. Hopefully this image won't get rejected because I didn't type the name of the plant correctly. I don't know the plant's name! Yet, I remember some images got rejected because I didn't mention the right name of the plant or fruit or the seed...etc. It's hard! I'm not a botany geek at all, even though I like the green spaces and the exotic plants!

I like this specifically, for the sense of calm and safety that it brings to me. The some-how-bokeh effect in the background is nice to me. I wonder if it is you as well! Maybe I should include information about the shot next time; like the focal length and the lens itself and the camera as well, like most photographers do. I don't seem to be able to remember that much though!

Beside working with single images there were some images that I've worked on in HDR and uploaded. Some of them were rejected before because of facial occurences and I would need a model release (from people I don't know even!). Thus, I had to put my clone tool to work!

Now, with me being close somehow to finish reading the book: Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style, I have to plan now to work on the website again which has stopped for a while. My time at work is divided accordingly as I'm trying to organize things as much as possible here, thus when days like today come, when I have to do stuff outside or go to the clinic, such days do form a sort of pressure on my time here and I have to change my organizing accordingly. Despite the fact that I do really love to order new books now, but I guess it's not the right time. I have to wait for now. I guess I won't be ordering books again until December. I have to stop thinking though about how much work is needed to get this website done. Every time I think about it, I feel such a burden on my back, and stop liking the idea from the beginning. I have no choice but to build it (and thanks to GeoCities), otherwise, I can't represent Ayvarith in a proper way as this blog is mainly occupied for photography purposes!

2569. then the night arrived with its three moons in heaven
2570. and Alexander opened his eyes to see his Cadid awaiting
2571. the Cadid was looking fierce like he did not sleep at all
2572. Alexander raised up and cleaned himself then washed
2573. while the Cadid prepared his back for the ride
2574. then Alexander raised upon the back of the Cadid
2575. and the Cadid started to climb like if Alexander is a feather
2576. he jumped between the rocks and climbed up the mount
2577. while Alexander closed his eyes for his fear of heights
2578. but he was amazed for such power and endurance
2579. and in their way up, something black was there
2580. it was hanging from the rocks but moves slowly
2581. but it was out of sudden when Alexander heard a shout
2582. and this black thing grew big in a shape of a bat
2583. then it started to hover around Alexander's head
2584. the Cadid started to groan with anger and reddish eyes
2585. and the fight started between the two in the air
2586. while Alexander started to say his prayers ahead
2587. the Cadid was injured severely by that creature
2588. and Alexander could not try anything to protect him
2589. but with some courage in his heart he raised Charnagút
2590. and started to wave it into the air with one hand
2591. then he felt the hot blood splashing over his face
2592. and the shouts of the black creature announced his death

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