Monday, July 26, 2010

Alexander 6, V109.

Well, it's a Monday, but I don't know how it will pass still. It sounds idle even though I spent the time working in the lab and reading the books I have here. Hope it remains "idle" till I get back home.
At home on the other hand, my camera had been idle since I've been working still with images taken from Ireland last year. Trying everything from Black and White and Sepia to the low saturation techniques, and trying to avoid HDR as much as possible. Yet still, I do use HDR in some images that I didn't add before.

The Ash Forks

Supposedly, these are ash trees going up higher than the rest of the trees. The original image was in pale blue hue in fact and I worked it out in that way after tone-mapping from HDR. As you can see here, there are some halos around the trees that I couldn't remove and I didn't want to use the heal brush tool or else, everything would be a mess. Tone-mapping (in Photomatix) is a fascinating tool, but there are things you would really need to control, and it is hard to so. Exposure Fusion technique on the other hand is nice and simple and avoids such halos, but sometimes it is hard to give out such vivid colors and control over light conditions. The image above was cropped to centralize the trees.

Another image, which I'm so pleased about, is what I consider my first silhuoette, or should I say, faux silhuoette.

The Crows Tree

This scene was taken in the very early hours of the morning, after listening to some crows in the air and looking left and right trying to spot them, I've found some of them hanging around this tree which was out of the backyard of the house where I stayed, The Waterfront. The sky was cloudy and bluish but not exactly in that manner. The heavy processing was mainly in the RAW converter before the image is out into Photoshop for the rest of the operations. The image was also cropped to centralize the tree. The hardest part maybe was to neutralize the green color in the leaves of the tree. I had to adjust the hue, luminance and saturation for the greens in the RAW converter to make it less apparent, and then with some contrast in Photoshop the effect was strengethened. What really bothers me is the "noisy" bulk of branches at the bottom which I couldn't crop with the rest. The image size won't help if I have done so.

Been somehow busy after all these editions. Uploading and today I was writing down the information for these images in stock sites. There had been other pictures other than the two mentioned above. The silhouette image though reminded me of one of my doodles that I used to do out of boredom. I think I need to get back to these doodles as they help out to release some stress I believe. I've been so concerned of my habits at work. Always shaking my leg even though I'm not in a hurry or even stressed about something! What does that mean? Why I'm doing this? I tried even to mke myself busy with something else just to stop this leg shake, but no use.

Bird from Hell. One of my doodles.

My hand is getting better now and my thumb is movable in some directions, but not completely of course. I keep on taking this medicine that makes me drowsy and need to sleep most of the time. In fact I feel it now at this moment while writing this. I will keep putting creams and taking this pill even after removing the bandage by now, until I don't know when!
I had/have the urge to listen to some of the old music today, and it made me feel a bit old, doesn't it do the same with you? Well, it does to me, specially that some of these songs were there back when I was 17 years old, and now I'm almost hitting 30...

2593. the Cadid then climbed up the mount with a heavy body
2594. his body was injured severely by the claws of the creature
2595. but with hard moves the Cadid reached the top of the mount
2596. and he lied on the ground moaning and groaning with pain
2597. Alexander then started to try to cure his injuries
2598. he cut some pieces of his garments and tied the injuries
2599. then he got out a vessel and made the Cadid drink water
2600. it was dark and Alexander could hardly see around him
2601. except of some cave with yellowish flame out of it
2602. Alexander approached the cave trying to seek help
2603. after some steps forward he heard something at his back
2604. he looked back to see an old man with a long beard
2605. he was standing over the Cadid and covering his head
2606. his face was not obvious by the hood but only his beard
2607. he stood beside the head of the Cadid and stared at him
2608. then knelt down on his body while Alexander was watching
2609. the old man then started to pass his hands over the Cadid
2610. and the cuts into the Cadid's body started to weld completely
2611. Alexander with a slow and calm voice did say then
2612. "the Hermit?" he said
2613. the old man said: yes, O good man, and who are you?
2614. no man visited me in this deserted place for centuries
2615. Alexander replied: I am Alexander, the king of Caqobia
2616. and the man remained still staring closely at Alexander

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