Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alexander 6, V110.

Well, nothing much for today! All I have to do here is post the verse of the day. But well, I had some time at least to write something down. I called On The Trail, and I was influenced by the infamous The Last Rose of Summer, to some extent.
Couldn't add much of photos this time unfortunately since I was out of mood for some time, with my urge to listen to old songs all the time!
Well, I'm going to drop this and fly off back home, although I'm not sure of my plans for today...
2617. Alexander felt something weird inside his heart
2618. something was telling him that he knew this man
2619. then Alexander asked: O good man, what are you looking at?
2620. the old man then said: how wondrous is God's promise,
2621. here finally I see you beside me O promised man of Caqobia
2622. Alexander replied: then you know about my story I believe?
2623. yes I do, it is something foretold in the old books that I kept,
2624. everything in them is kept in this heart inside me,
2625. and I can tell you now, you are in your final place O dear
2626. Alexander said with a surprise: final place? what does that mean?
2627. the Hermit replied: the end of your endless journey,
2628. the answer to your questions about your existence,
2629. all, shall be revealed, here, to you O promised one
2630. Alexander with a surprise said then: promised one?
2631. why do you keep calling me with this name O good man?
2632. what promise is that and what am I doing in this land?
2633. the Hermit then said: take it easy on the old man O dear,
2634. carry your Cadid and get into my cave for now,
2635. for the clouds are up here might rain soon
2636. thus Alexander carried his Cadid on his shoulders
2637. while thousands of thoughts were going on his mind
2638. and he thinks now if this journey is over at this point
2639. what shall be next after this long tiresome journey?
2640. until the old man said to Alexander: eat O dear

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