Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alexander 6, V112.

Despite my job with rice is technically over, but it was another busy day. Going to the the bank to get a paper, and visiting some people to retain the dosemeter badges (a badge to read how much radiation is received in a month). The dust made a fuss of the atmosphere in an unbelievable way. It was one blow by night time and everything was and still yellow until the time of writing this at 1:30 p.m.. It's Thursday, so I hope this won't affect my schedule for going out tonight as usual.

Been playing around with some of my photos from Ireland as usual but I do really lack the inspiration now or the ability to work. In other words, a bit sluggish. Well, anyway, I digged out some photos that I think were never used before in my collection.

Is this what they call a "mustang"?

 Free Gull. Shot that without looking at the gull even!

This morning specifically, I've spent the first hour reading  the new post in Joanathan Boakes' blog, about his little adventure in the woods few days go, looking for some "mysterious" creatures in the woods. I do like this man's style in storytelling, and his Black and White photography looks astonishing indeed! By coincidence as well, he put on a short video for some silhuoette tree which he called, the Crow Tree, just after some days of me making my own image of the Crow Tree that I captured back in Oughterard, Co. Galway in Ireland.

The discussion of history and the mysterious past in that piece of land really inflamed my imagination and my thirst to read more about the Celts in that area, like in some of the old days, back in college when I skipped my study books and preferred to read the Táin Bó Cualgne (The cattle raid of Cooley), and Cúchulainn the hero. I ask myself now, would I face the same thing in Ireland? Would I get such fascination. I know the place I picked for staying is like 10 minutes walk from the Cashel Rock, which has a castle as they say, but it takes more than just a castle to walk to. Back in Galway it was really troublesome to get a photograph at sunset, mainly because the places you would like to catch at this time are sort of far, and you better be in the house before this time. I want to see churches, alive or abandoned, landscapes, ruins, forests, and everything (but no beasts please!). I want this eye to enjoy every grain I can get from Ireland. One doesn't know when he or she might get blind out of sudden, and all is just some vanishing hopes, except of memories about such feelings gained by eyesight.

Reading as usual today with Alain Briot's book, I think it is time now to push on my thinking forward more and try to do some photography. Not only photography, but new ideas to try out. Things I didn't try before, or simply rules that I know but I break intentionally for a purpose.

Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style 

I started to believe now that I have what Briot described as "creativity fear" or "fear of creativity" when you stop doing what you like because you are afraid that people won't like it at all. This is really a killing feature. It feels like you are empty with nothing to do or even the power to do anything. All what you want to do is stare into the monitor (and sleep on the chair sometimes). 
Now, I got settled with an idea in my mind, but I need to think of some place to do it. I want to try the monopod with its full expansion (which extends higher than myself), and I can even attach the VR-head to raise the camera even higher, and start doing some panoramic catch, from high above! Well, it's not so high I believe, but still, it is above the regular sight level. How would that look? We'll see...
2665. Alexander then stopped for a moment and felt guilty
2666. for he was not supposed to rush in a hurry with questions
2667. then he started to say: I am Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
2668. the king of Caqobia and Caqobians, and the conqueror of Daynur
2669. the Hermit then asked: and what is the name of your grandfather?
2670. Alexander was shocked and said: my grandfather?!
2671. it is weird that I do not know his name at all!
2672. my father never revealed the name to me nor I asked also!
2673. the Hermit smiled and said: but I know his name,
2674. and the names of your ancestors as well
2675. Alexander was amazed for the argument and this he said
2676. "but why it is important to know their names?"
2677. the Hermit said: you are here to know the truth,
2678. the truth of everything and how all this started,
2679. and to know everything, one must know himself"
2680. Alexander then pointed to the Hermit to continue
2681. and the Hermit started on telling the fathers of Alexander
2682. and this he said: you are, Alexander, the son of Pilippánút,
2683. the son of Faklús, the son of Targhus, the son of Sinikdís,
2684. the son of Asjád, the son of Jafrí, the son of Agdalán
2685. then Alexander asked: some names do not sound Caqobian!
2686. and the old man said: yes indeed O dear, they are not,
2687. because you are from an Ayvar root living among Caqobians
2688. Alexander was shocked and felt the world is rotating then

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