Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alexander 6, V113.

Lovely weather indeed... NOT. Humidity is back again here and this time with a strange sky hovering around that I can't tell still is it just cloudy or another haze of dust on the way. I had plan to wash my car today, but changed my mind, luckily!
Nothing new for today though, except that I've conducted an experiment in the yard yesterday and it didn't work out at all. The experiment was to make a panorama with a monopod extended up high. The total height of the camera (monopod+VR-head) might have been around 2 meters from the ground. The breeze and the shaky mini-tripod legs were killing factors for me. I tried to balance or stabilize the monopod as much as possible with my barehands and I even tried my nose! Yes, my nose. I simply stood beside the monopod and extended my nose to support the monopod's beam, since my hand was shaking (for the excessive consumption of coffee).
This said now, my mind took the verge of two different ways of thinking, or let's say new methods of some sorts. I would either try to "think" of something to stabilize the monopod when expanded to such height with a VR-head, or I would consider now going on and work with what I like to call "dwarf's view" photography and make a panorama with the monopod folded into its minimum position (around 50cm in length). When unfolded of course, the monopod becomes more stable with little shake that can be managed. The thing is though, how to really stabilize the monopod? The only way I can think of is some support, of some sort, stabilizing the monopod depending on the ground, and even that might not sound feasible because the monopod's body is cylindircal and smooth. I have to resort to meditation as it seems!

The rest of my time is almost idle, except of some photo processing for various images mostly those from Ireland taken last year. To tell the truth, I don't feel them. I just did it. It feels a bit like a sinner, but I couldn't think of anything to pass my time with. After that experiment failed, I even became more "hollow" from ideas and couldn't find much to do, except of of processing my images even though I didn't have much vision for what they would be like in the beginning...

 On the other hand, some memories started to flow (along with visions or imaginations if you like), that kept me listening to old songs all the time. It is a weird feeling of idleness. Maybe I should call it "Idle with emotions". However, I hope this week brings on some more energetic ventures to try out some projects concerning Ayvarith and photography. I don't feel the urge even to play games like before...
I shall leave you now with one of the most beloved songs to my heart. It's old, yet it feels new every time I listen to it. It has a great history and story behind it, if you like to dig more about it...

2689. Alexander put his hand on the floor to keep his body up
2690. then the old man said with a smile: this is not everything dear
2691. and Alexander raised his heavy head up and gazed up
2692. he was waiting for more of the shocking news from the Hermit
2693. thus he did ask: and what else is there to be told O old man?
2694. the old man was so calm and with a gentle smile on his face
2695. and this he did say to Alexander: I am Agdalán
2696. the news were so tough for Alexander and he fainted
2697. time passed before he can open his eyes again
2698. he looked left and right and he saw the old man again
2699. and he could not hold his tears in his eyes anymore
2700. thus the tears gushed out and he shouted out loud
2701. he went hysterical and could not comprehend anymore
2702. then the old man approached him with a cup of a drink
2703. Alexander was looking at the old man with thoughtless eyes
2704. he did not know what is going on around him anymore
2705. thus the old man helped him to hold the cup and drink
2706. it was few minutes until he could gather his powers back
2707. then he said to the old man: what is going in this world?
2708. how come you are what you are for me? impossible!
2709. the old man then calmed Alexander down with a pat
2710. and this he said: calm down O son, and listen to me,
2711. by now, you should not be surprised by the miracles in life,
2712. my story is long and ancient, as old as time itself is

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