Monday, August 2, 2010

Alexander 6, V114.

Three days passed now and the air is still humid. Yuck! I can't walk outside without taking off my glasses just to take a glance in front of me! When does this all just be over?
A slightly busy day here in the office, with some stranded sample showing in and had to be prepared like the others. Boy, I just can't stop listening to Phil Collins all the time; eating, working, reading, sleeping. I've noticed that most of his songs were written completely or partially by him, and that proves the genius behind this head to write such touchy words, to me at least, where every song I hear seems to be telling a phase of my life in some sort of way.
Speaking of songs and words, I do have some light into this brain for writing something but so far, only few lines were done and the rope was cut and I got blank. In my work place I barely have the time to write now. All I do is read and read (after working with my samples) and then, I have plans that I must accomplish for my Ayvarith that stopped now for some unknown period of time. Ramadhan is coming on the way by next week, and the schedule would be, definitely, so clogged, that is if I was able to do anything at all. The working hours are shortened in Ramadhan, and despite the fact that I do come here so early even in Ramadhan when the working hours begin later than usual, there is still the tiresome time, and most probably, the nap that I must take in the office, and at home as well afterward. I think no need to do sports and burn calories with a busy mind like this and clogged time table like this.

Today, as usual, I went on picking something to eat for breakfast and also I had a look on some speciality printer paper. I was looking for glossy papers to try out and print my photographs at home with my regular inkjet. When I asked about the possibility of this, since I know nothing about printing and the methodology, I've been told that I have to look after a glossy paper made up by the same brand of my printer. Thus, I went on looking for HP glossy A4 papers. I got glossy ones now but unfortunately they were not A4 size, but nevertheless, I had them. I thought I might be able to print small photographs with those now. The thing is, they were long papers and not in a regular shape. They were 30x10cm (WxH), go and figure how many inches please! However, after arriving to my work place and taking another look at them, I've discovered that they were specifically made for panorama, as indicated on the cover! Well, what you know, another spark of light in this brain! Why not! Let's try printing panoramas with this! If it didn't work anyway, I think I can make one sheet of those print 2 images beside each other and we're done.

On the way as well and before I leave the place, I've fiercely resisted my temptations to buy another book from there. I already have dozens of books I need to read. The books I got from Ireland last year were not touched so far; lot of them. That book however, was about face reading, and I like such wisdoms. I do have some books though, but one more wouldn't hurt! Yet, I had to give up. I hope it is always there to grab it when I need to or when I have the time to.

The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading!

Talking about the glossy paper and photography, brings me back to the origins of everything that this blog has been about for big time now, away from the Ayvarith. Photogaphy.
After failing with my experiment with that high monopod approach, I didn't really think of something else to do, except of sitting there and fix some images from Ireland. I've found myself doing things in black and white again, primarily because the colors, even though beautiful and unique, I felt them distracting my eyes more. Like that snap of the little path in the little forest in front of the Waterfront...

Little Forest Path

This slide was in fact part of a panorama. After checking the photos since my arrival from Ireland last year, I've discovered some images were shaky and not suitable at all to be combined into a panorama. I've re-visited that specific folder of this panorama and I got this slide out (one image from three brackets) and worked on it for some time trying to enhance the contrast and the green glow with the beam of light from the sun. Unfortunately, it hurt my eyes more than it did give pleasure to them. I think this is mainly because of the composition that made a fuss from such a beautiful and calm place as a whole. I do remember the fragrance and the calm atmosphere in this place, yet my photo was noisy. Needless to say of course it had that "real" noise which was hard to be cleaned and smoothed by regular methods. With all of that, I've decided to go on and make it a BW version, with the addition of some contrast of course. I tried as well to make it a sepia, but I didn't like it as much as the BW version. I didn't ask many people how they feel about this, but to me, it feels like a fairy tale (like the original colored one) but the place is lost in time.
Again, I didn't stop here though, and picked up some number of photos trying them in black and white, and found one more that might be fitting as well, and it was colored and I've published it as a colored one as well, some months ago.

In this photo, I think the whitish part of this flower (is it the Dandelion by the way?) is better emphasized (I guess) in the black and white version, rather than colored one. Why I emphasize the white? Well, I believe for this specific flower, the white tone is the core of the matter, or like this flower is telling everyone "Hey! I'm white!", and to let this flower speak the truth and not lying about her existance, I made her that way instead of being a bit yellowish originally!!!

Reading now, still, Alain Briot's Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style, and combined with my BW trend lately, I've came up with a sort of an idea after reading the specific chapters in this book about vision and personal style. It is the beginning anyway and it is not the fingerprint of my style however. I still don't have a style yet. But in his words, Briot inspired to talk about my life in pictures, and when the word "life" comes, I usually picture it in black and white always, because history (which is a topic I like to read into from time to time) is something usually old, or frozen in time, and BW images reflect this idea better, or sepia tones as well. First, I have to settle down this project on paper. I shall write notes about what I do want to tell, and what aspects of my life I'm talking about. Definetely, there would be some rebull in it!!! This is one undividable part of my existance! My plan is to create 10 images to tell the course of my everyday life. Why I shall be doing this project, is something behind my comprehension yet. I think merely to talk about my life but I'm shy to say it in words, so I left pictures talk about me. I shall try as well, to make them as much as possible fit into one image only and no panoramas.
The words about concepts and ideas of Briot in his book, also made me think about some aspects of my life and what do I think about them or what is the philosophy I hold for them. One of these things were actually women. Well, I'm a man so I guess it's natural to talk about women, and photographing women. I'm not a portrait person as yet, but I think, or let's say, I made a belief for myself here, that the first thing I would look at in a woman is her face. To me, this is the center of her emotions. I believe also that 50% of the woman's nature is held in her face, and the rest of her body holds the other 50%. Maybe some men like the aspect of sexuality in a woman and her body, but to me as a man who got raised big time under the presence of a mother more than a father, I do believe that the face tells the real emotions; the passion. Whether than a passion for a man or simply a mother's passion to a child, I believe it is there, in the face. More specifically as well, the eyes of a woman are the first catching factor to me, hence I've been editing the eyes as the first thing, always, when people send me their photos to "enhance". Maybe I had hard time in college days with females, but I always considered those as merely, out of the line or bad products and should not be considered females really. Maybe my next book shall be something about portrait photography...

2713. and Alexander awaited for the words from Agdalán
2714. thus Agdalán started his speech: listen O good king,
2715. it is the time when everything should over and finish,
2716. for my life for now, until the day of the great judgment,
2717. tell me O Alexander, do you know how everything started?
2718. Alexander replied with a weak voice: no knowledge I have
2719. and Agdalán went on saying: In the beginning was the mind,
2720. from the mind the lights were created,
2721. then God commanded the mind,
2722. go! He said, and so the mind went
2723. come! He said then, and so the mind did
2724. thus, God announced the Mind His beloved
2725. thus, He shall judge by it and command,
2726. and by it He shall reward and punish,
2727. thus by glance of the light of the Mind,
2728. He made a burning sun, and a ground,
2729. He called the sun as Sun, and the ground as Earth,
2730. thus He started the life with the bless of fourteen lights,
2731. and He made various peoples to meet each other,
2732. and among those people there was the Ayvar,
2733. a man who conquered and ruled over the world,
2734. and he called the world as Daynur as he wished,
2735. while people lived in wisdom and riches in his time,
2736. until the time had come for him to die, like everyone

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