Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alexander 6, V115.

Wow! Five years now, officially, I've been in this job. I like the number 5 actually for many reasons in my life, including the fact that I'm the 5th son among 8. As a bless maybe, this is one of the quietest days that I've encountered so far. Notice I've said "one of" just to not make it something very rare in my place.
The concept of dates is funny sometimes. Imagine dating your age in two different systems, and now I just added a third one which is merely job-related. I will be officially 30 years old by the 17th of this month, yet, I will be as well 31 years old on the 6th day after Ramadhan, that is when my birthday in the lunar system falls.

One of the surprises I got today is that my colleague, who is in a vacation right now back home, will get back on the 8th of September, and I thought he will be back in August all that time! Well, that's cool isn't it? Except of one thing; In Ramadhan, I need someone to back me up in case I felt so tired and couldn't get to work. Now I'm all alone here, I do have to take care of things EVEN at the time that I would simply check my attendance (by fingerprint scanning) and simply get back home to have some rest. The place won't run without me now.

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought some glossy paper and turned out to be specifically for panoramas, so I said to myself "So what? Let's do it!" and hence, I had a plan to print some panoramas on those 30x10cm glossy papers and see what to be done with them later on. I have no experience in printing photos by the way, as most of the time, my greatest concern was how these photos look on monitor and not how they are printed instead. I've always thought that printing out these photos needs some special printer or tools, or specifically even laser printers, but with what I see now, this is not necessarily true! Maybe I can do them indeed with the regular inkjet at home. Printing panoramas even is something I like, or more excited about, more than I do for regular photographs. The thing is, as I read and learned so far, that some special care must be taken with sharpness, since images are supposed to be sharpened more than the regular and usual way if the aim was printing them instead of just viewing them on monitors. Well, it is something also related to the type of papers used for printing. Here are some of the panoramas that I'm thinking of working with so far...

... and the list goes on. Maybe the last one in the line is the first to try it out. I like the sky in this panorama. When working with such glossy papers, extra care should be taken, specially that it is printed with inkjet and not laser. It is even written on the back of the package that prints must be left to try for 7 days before being framed! Sounds a bit like an exaggeration to me, but maybe it is better to follow this, until I can handle these matters more easily in the future.

Now, back to the monitor, I've been going around images and trying to find my "feelings" about what I've done so far and what was what I felt when I captured these images, specially those from Ireland. It is funny that I'm trying to apply the advices of Alain Briot on my work AFTER taking it. Well, I didn't read the book till now only, and last year I didn't read a single book about photography in fact. I've been changing some images also into black and white versions even though the colored version sounds nice to some extent, but I felt like doing the black and white version would add some drama and a mysterious venture into the subject.

All of the previous 4 images were submitted to stock sites for now, and waiting for them to be accepted even though, I'm not so optimistic about it. At all. But as I learned now from Alain Briot's book, Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style, this whole thing doesn't matter as long as I do like my images, and I do indeed.

Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style 

2737. Agdalán stopped talking for a moment
2738. and Alexander was gazing and waiting for more
2739. for one moment he thought Agdalán is talking about him
2740. then Agdalán continued his tale for Alexander and said
2741. "Powerful the Ayvar were, and conquered all over Daynur,
2742. but sooner forgot the ways of God and His straight path,
2743. and the just vanished from their lands and their hearts,
2744. while the children of the Ayvar started to tear the lands,
2745. fierce was the fight and barely spared anyone alive,
2746. green lands turned into deserts and mountains into plains,
2747. while the faithful of the Ayvars themselves were hiding,
2748. no place they could find to spare their lives in that madness,
2749. thus, in the middle of the month of Marúc in one year,
2750. all the faithful made a line for prayer to save their souls,
2751. some say it was the in desert of Qafra,
2752. and some say it was in Kakh and Milikakh mounts,
2753. it is then when all started to change by the grace of God,
2754. when the evil was wiped out all over the lands,
2755. and the faithful of the Ayvars moved to Uhir Daynur,
2756. a place within the Earth of Daynur, but not in it,
2757. some where in between the visible and the dream,
2758. and God started the life again over Daynur,
2759. with various tribes and nations, nomads and kingdoms,
2760. and some good Ayvars, He blessed, to be among them"

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