Wednesday, August 4, 2010

alexander 6, V116.

Well, I'm lucky to type this down here as the internet service in my work place is beginning to become more like a trash now. I should end up this fast before I get stuck! I know my luck just the right way. Mentioning luck, I was happy to wash my car today (in a weird car wash station), but yet, it got dirty again from water on the road the moment I drove out of the station. Yes. My luck.

Not much was done today, except that I bought 3 CDs after having a break from work to wash my car, then off to some mall here to get those CDs. I've been away for some long time now from buying such stuff and always listening to the same old on Youtube or on CDs I already have.


Crazy Love (Special Edition) (Incl. Bonus DVD) 

Where We Are 
Bought CDs

I've stopped listening to my favorite Phil Collin's Greatest Hits CD and started with the new Boyzone's CD, Brother. So far, the style had changed a lot here. It felt like I'm listening to a rock band rather than that soft Boyzone band that made the strip of memories pass in front of my eyes as usual. I'm not finished listening yet, so I hope there is a song to my style.
As for the two other CDs, I've listened to some songs from them already and they are available (legally) on Youtube. Some of them, not all.

Right now, after reading more and more of Alain Briot's book, things are not hitting the bullseye. The discussion goes on about the audience, choosing, finding, and managing the audience and finding a balance between what people expect and what you really like doing. These lines now made me re-think of my project idea that I had a plan to do one day (soon supposedly). My project was supposed to be about my life; some set of images reflecting the routine of a single guy like me. But then I asked myself "Is it really worthy? Are there people who really want to know?". I can't really answer these questions now, as all I can see now is, busy people. Who would want to see what TJ is doing? Or how important it is to see what he is doing? So far, I think there is no one that would like to do that still...

Now, after printing out some small panoramas on the HP glossy paper, I had the urge to buy another pack today (and they are NOT cheap by the way). I had a problem yesterday when I tried to print out some of those and eventually, I had to sacrifice some sheets. The comedy is to know that my printer is HP, yet this type of paper (the dimensions) was not on the list of the papers provided in the software that manages the HP printer! Thus, I had to define it myself and since I did that myself, things were screwed up with the width and height and the units (inches to/from centimeters) and so forth. Finally, I was able to print 4 small panoramas, and that encouraged me for more. I want to do more panoramas, and print more of them too! There are some stuff that I need to experiment with and see their results, specially when it comes to the color management and the color profile (or space) in use. Long way to begin with...

Something from Ireland, done just for fun...

2761. thus Alexander asked: why some good Ayvars were chosen?
2762. Agdalán replied: to teach the new creation about God,
2763. and some of them followed the Ayvars and some did not,
2764. but they did not involve in fierce battles like the Ayvars,
2765. thus, the descendants of the Ayvars spread again on Daynur,
2766. but this time within the tribes, south and north of Daynur,
2767. and soon they forgot all about their lives and their faith,
2768. and thus the connection was cut between this world and them
2769. Alexander asked then: and where do I come in all of this?
2770. and why my Charnagút is so important for the matter?
2771. Agdalán smiled and said: before I answer this, come with me,
2772. I will show you something you need to see for now
2773. and the two walked side by side until they reached a wall,
2774. it was the end of the large cave they were sitting in
2775. there were some holes in the wall with random sizes
2776. then Agdalán said: come O dear and put the Charnagút,
2777. thus this wall shall open for you with all its contents
2778. Alexander was surprised and he put the Charnagút in
2779. and with some movements he made with his hands
2780. the wall was wide open like a gate made of rock
2781. but the place was dark and Alexander barely saw a thing
2782. thus Agdalán brought a torch and enlightened the place
2783. and soon the fire got into some torches on the wall rapidly
2784. and the eyes of Alexander opened so wide for what he saw

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