Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alexander 6, V118.

Well well well. Finally, finished the book list at hand and now it's time to move to others, or maybe just chill and work with someone else? Anyhow, I think I will edit my review about Alain Briot's book to add more details, if possible. The last time I wrote my review, the reading was not over yet.
Calm day work-wise. Ramadhan is coming soon though, and more hard time is on the way I think. I've had the chance to leave work today and look after some glossy paper A4 size, and I found some brand (not HP) and it was cheaper than HP however. I picked this one specifically because it says "Made in England" rather than the other one which was Chinese made and, reputation-wise, might make me problems! Anyway, I'm still not sure if what I got now will work perfectly, I need to try it. Beside this, I dropped my watch for repair for the second time. Although I had the urge to buy a new one but I'm trying to control my impulses here and decided to go for a repair instead. This is the second time that the dial knob falls down!

On another note, I've been working on a little panorama in the past few days with no apparent success in blending the layers correctly. Not because of parallax errors this time, but mainly because of my bulky movements. I went to the beach on Friday morning with a monopod and a tripod as a spare in the car, and I've fixed the VR-head on the monopod. With the sand there (and the short neck of the monopod) the work was somehow manageable, but my movements were bulky and slow, so much that caused variations in light level caused by the fast rising sun. Spent the past few days combining into HDR and manipulating as much as possible, but no use. Photomatix got me a headache as well because of its malfunctioning and its weird noise on the whole window making me unable to read or see anything. It has gone erratic! I think now, the last remedy is to crop around 1/3 of the image just to unify the light conditions as much as possible, but for now I do still have some plans out of my sleeves to do with this, but it's going to take some time. I'm getting busy trying out my new glossy papers as well.

Nightmares now have been frequent visitors. I don't know why, but one thing for sure. I can't sleep properly, in a life style that made me sleepless already in the first place...

2809. Alexander walked around the place slowly and gazed
2810. he saw many pillars of books and papers in every corner
2811. and with the smell of history in his nose, he remembered the time
2812. thus he asked: tell me O good old man, if you know everything,
2813. how long then I have been in this world since I left Daynur?
2814. Agdalán answered: verily I know how long did it take until now,
2815. for you it was a matter of some days to go around this world,
2816. but now over the lands of Daynur, one hundred winters passed
2817. the bones of Alexander were shaken for such time passing
2818. even though his shape did not change and did not get old
2819. but he asked Agdalán: how come?! this is impossible to be!
2820. Agdalán calmed down Alexander and said: yes, it is possible,
2821. do not count the time you go by on Daynur as it is here dear,
2822. your time belongs to you and here we have our own time,
2823. life goes so slow in this world my son, not as fast as you have up there
2824. then Alexander was saddened for this fact and knelt down
2825. and with a flash of memory into his mind he remembered all
2826. he remembered the old days and the wars and the glory
2827. then Agdalán torn off the silence and said: come my son and see
2828. Alexander approached Agdalán slowly to see something
2829. and there was this mirror that stood in the darkness
2830. its luster catches the eye amid the darkness of the books
2831. and Agdalán said: you will see now how life evolves,
2832. thus, be brave my son and do not be desperate for now

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