Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alexander 6, V122.

TGIT. That's all I have to say for today I guess. My appetit had dropped down so much. I didn't have anything before bed time except of some dates and milk. The hunger is there, but no appetit. The nightmares paid me a nice visit last night as well and I had 4 hours of discontinuous sleep. It is a time of great confusion here, I can't focus on anything. Well, I'm still playing a game at home and it helps me a bit on concentrating on something; just anything. This mood is flipping over all what I've planned before for getting ready and make up some webpage for my Ayvarith. I can't even think of something to put there!!!

Although I'm going to have a sort of busy day today (tonight), but I will try to do one more trial with the useless glossy paper I bought. This time, I'm going to print one image over one complete sheet. Also, I will try to increase the resolution from 300dpi (the usual) to something like 600dpi. I'm not sure though if this will work anyway, since feeling the touch of the glossy paper from HP and this one makes a real difference; you can almost tell which one is REALLY smooth. I will also try to print with Normal or Fast quality, to save the ink and also to avoid any further smudges in the printout like before when printed with Best quality. I might have to resize the image manually instead of choosing "scale to document size" in the print dialogue box. That way I will sharpen the image before the final print more precisely. Left with the color vibrancy on this glossy paper, which doesn't look like the HP glossy paper at all, however I change the settings. All of that must be checked tonight... sounds more like a dream really... it's weekend however, so I hope do have the power to stay awake all night then to do all of this!

2905. the two had a meal with the Cadid to their side
2906. and talked about history and matters of the past
2907. after the pass of time Agdalán looked into the sky
2908. and this he said: O dear Alexander, you better rest now,
2909. the morning shall tear the sky so soon and you did not rest,
2910. have a nap, as well as your Cadid, and we shall talk later
2911. it was but a hard night for Alexander with dreams
2912. memories, the good and the bad, were chasing after him
2913. until he opened his eyes with a glimpse of light into the eyes
2914. and he stared hardly from a distance, and saw his Cadid
2915. his Cadid was helping the old man pick up some herbs
2916. he raised up and reached the old man and said
2917. "what are you doing O good Agdalán?"
2918. Agdalán replied: my daily work dear, gathering herbs,
2919. this is my food, and your food with your Cadid as well
2920. Alexander smiled and said: you do not have to take it all,
2921. I shall be leaving this cave and go down to the plains
2922. Agdalán said: yes, you will... but until then you are my guest
2923. Alexander went on collecting the herbs with them
2924. while Agdalán instructed him to get the good herbs
2925. just like how father would teach his own son
2926. and the two prepared the food together after a long day
2927. while the Cadid tried to catch some of the little birds
2928. then all sat together to have their daily meal of herbs

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