Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alexander 6, V121.

Well, here comes, the first day of Ramadhan according to the state, and yet, not OUR first day of fasting, but most of us are fasting as a volunteering act. Sort of normal, everything is quiet, except the fact that the Liquid Nitrogen unit do not answer the phone, and it's Wednesday. Would be good to fill in some nitrogen at this time before the weekend.
Because work here ends by 1 O'Clock, I have to type this blog earlier than the usual. Well, not that I have much to say really except of posting the regular verses from Alexander 6, which is about to finish. With no books to read and not being able to think of something to do with my webpage design, I've decided to backup some book on PDF file and read it here in this slow piece of junk, namely my laptop.

I was sort of surprised when my last image got refused for some artifacts. Well, I think they are there, but it was so hard to remove the chromatic aberrations in the image.
Beside this photo, I've discovered that the glossy paper I got is not really a good one for my printer and the prints looked smudged. I wonder if it would do the same with laser printers or not, but anyway it seems there is no option except of getting HP glossy paper for my printer to print my photographs perfectly. Why I'm printing them anyway? Well, this is just a beginning, who knows what I might be printing later.

Back to fasting now, I need some time to grease my engine and get along perfectly with the conditions and the HUMID weather that just doesn't change at all!! I think I'll be fine by tomorrow; no headaches and more things to do, or being able to do let's say. The thing I'm worried about mainly is my timings during this month.

2881. Agdalán then made a meal for the Cadid and Alexander
2882. and Alexander said: should I call you grandfather now?
2883. Agdalán replied with a happy smile: I like this name,
2884. but, you are better to call me with my name, Agdalán,
2885. this is how people went calling me, for long time now,
2886. but tell me O hero of Caqobia, what shall you do now?
2887. Alexander sighed and had a deep breath and then said
2888. "I am quite disappointed for all the trust I had in those,
2889. they were verily not a place to put my trust at all,
2890. and even the peaceful land of Hoshea was not spared,
2891. thus, I decided to make myself start a new life in here,
2892. far away from all the deceit and hypocrisy in Daynur
2893. Agdalán asked then: but what will you be doing here?
2894. Alexander said: I've seen various people in here,
2895. the craftsman, the farmer, the good and the bad,
2896. it might not be so hard to learn something and do,
2897. this world of Uhir Daynur still amazes me a lot,
2898. and I think I have to go on to explore it more,
2899. thus, my life shall be that of a rover on the lands
2900. Agdalán then said: it is a hard life that you chose,
2901. although you can be a farmer in some land below
2902. Alexander then sighed and said: it is a hard one indeed,
2903. but what is harder O my dear grandfather, Agdalán,
2904. living like this, or see your trust being crushed?

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