Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alexander 6, V120.

Feeling numb again. So numb that I can't do anything except of being idle in my best suit. Now I wish I did pack up some electronic books about photography into my flash memory and brought it with me here to read after finishing several books now, but thinking about a bit, even that wouldn't work for me today. I was out of work for like 3 hours for my car service and also checking my watch for repair. I needed to finish everything just before Ramadhan begins because it's going to be somehow a sluggish time to do the many things I need to do. With this weather, fasting in Ramadhan is indeed a big challenge, and even though I've used to fast alone for around 2 months in the past few months but Ramadhan and the change of times for almost everything (work, shops ...etc), makes it a big deal to go through it all. The feel of hunger or thirst is nothing really; not to me. People are the big problem in Ramadhan, and specially if they are smokers and out of their nerves.

Been working yesterday again with my beach panorama and, thanks to my absent mind, I've lost the file that I've already created when I saved a small version of the file over the same name. Hence, I had to do the job all over again with the original HDR file which didn't go exactly the same, specially with the cropped portion.

First Version

Second Version

Well, after all I believe the second version is better than the first. The cropping is more organized in the second and also I tried my best not to oversaturate the blues and yet keep them interesting as much as possible. After all is done wuth the hue and saturation layers and fixing the blues and the reds (and/or magenta as well), I worked on dodging the sky little bit to make it smoother and going well together. As you can see from the first version which was to be worked upon again, the sky has dark areas in the middle caused by difference of lights as I was doing the panorama, and the sun rising high faster than my pace. The dodging, though, should not be simply smooth so much, or as I think, it's going to be dull and not so interesting. That's why there are thin dark lines in between that I didn't work on removing them even though I can; to add more motion to it.

It's humid now AGAIN which gets on my nerves, but I've noticed that in the early morning, the sky is having a weird composition; clear sky, no clouds at all, except where the sun is where you can the sun light pass through the clouds. Like if the sun was a magnet for clouds. Interesting view that I've been observing for 2 days now, but I wish I can settle my mind on some location to shoot that view. With my work pace and time, it's hard to be done almost any where, except in the busy streets (which are empty a bit busy at the time I go to work). I don't want any more troubles with cops just now. I have my own load.

I received some positive reviews (well, not completely positive of course) for my poem (or lyrics) 1945. I'm happy that I got my feelings through it, even though I didn't live that era. Being idle today made me think of writing something indeed, but my strength was leaking like water through mesh because of the heat outside and all that time I spent outside. There was no time to concentrate on my feelings, but rather I spent the rest of the time thinking how can I get myself cooler!
And now it feels like no one understands...

2857. Alexander fell on his knees to the ground with no power
2858. the melancholy attacked him severely for the deeds of his men
2859. Agdalán passed his hand over his head like a father does
2860. and this he said to Alexander: raise up O dear, you did it
2861. Alexander looked up to Agdalán with heavy eyes and said
2862. "all what I did is mischief across the lands and wars,
2863. I wandered this world to let people know God,
2864. but then I found out that my loyals did not know Him"
2865. Agdalán smiled and said: but you did the commands already,
2866. you should be proud for you happen to do what none done,
2867. if people are to be judged for the mistakes of other people,
2868. or if the son should be judged for the sin of his father,
2869. and the daughter would be stoned for a sin from her mother,
2870. if all of that was to hold true and a law for life,
2871. then who shall be living on Daynur, or Uhir Daynur?
2872. Alexander then stood up again with hard movement
2873. he felt no power in his body to do anything he desires
2874. then Agdalán said: go and take care of your Cadid,
2875. we will talk about some of the matters later on dear
2876. thus Alexander went to check his Cadid who got better
2877. he passed his hand over the head of the horned Cadid
2878. and while doing so, he sang a song he learned from his mother
2879. then this he said: now my friend, no one is out there,
2880. but a tired man like me, and a loyal Cadid like you

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