Friday, October 15, 2010

Dublin, again... Goodbye Ireland.

Here I am, in Dublin again, getting ready to get back home by the morrow. I'm in the usual hotel, the Travelodge in Ballymun. Today the connection has been awful, or should I say my laptop had been awful. So I better wrap this as quick as possible.

I couldn't post yesterday because I was in Cahir House Hotel, and the connection is only available in the lobby and not in the rooms. However, I had sort of a busy day yesterday in Cahir. Once arrived I didn't spare a minute and went on directly to take out my stuff from the luggage again and the backpack. The camera, tripod and the VR-head. I was planning mainly for 2 panoramas only but then I found myself taking 3 panoramas and more single images. Some little panoramas were added later on even, when I got out of the castle.

The stairs inside the castle were about to suffocate me. Despite the fact that I went there in this chilly weather, I decided not to wear my jacket just to make my movements a bit easier inside the tunnels there and on the narrow stairs. Well, this did work a little, but never the less, walking around with a backpack and a tripod and VR-head was not easy either, adding my camera bag of course. On the top of the castle I took a 360 panorama (not spherical, only horizontal line) for a general view of the town from there. Although I raised the pole of the tripod to the max, the edge of the wall was still obvious in the view. I think I will have to accept it that way and then cut it out when I stitch the panorama together, hopefully.

I'm so concerned about the extra weight of my luggage and I'm thinking of reducing the weight significantly, but unfortunately, seems this is not possible. I'm afraid also to remove the gifts (that weigh maybe 1 kg in total) to my backpack and make some problems for myself before boarding. I was thinking of getting a new case to divide my stuff in between the two, but anyway, no shops for such things near by so I have to get a cab or a bus and I'm totally exhausted now. All I want to do is close my eyes and wake up at morning and be ready to take off. Seems no escape from paying extra for the extra weight.

Coat of arms, on the walls of Cahir Castle.

Goodbye Ireland. Hope this won't be my last time here. I will take off tomorrow, by 11:20 Irish time, that is 1:20 noon in Kuwait. And will arrive technically, after 12 hours! Tiresome day is awaiting... . Bye!

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