Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Garden Hunt!

As planned yesterday, today I've decided to take a rest in my place; since there is no more room left for another muscle in my legs! Anyway, that doesn't mean I'm not using my camera. In fact, with the breakfast, my mind was at work planning on what should I catch for today.
My first idea was to roam the garden for some birds hunt, and specially, the Irish magpie, which made me felt like I've been accompanied by a guest all this time...

Source: TvTropes.

This bird was an everyday visitor almost. Every day, at the time of breakfast, you would see him jumping in the garden catching something, most probably small insects that I couldn't see. I loved its colors and patterns. I thought him a raven or a crow in the beginning but his white streaks were destinctive indeed, and when I asked my host about its name, she told me The Magpie. The way he jumps on the grass sort of reminds me of penguins as well.
Now ravens are also nice looking birds despite the bad reputation and the awful sound they produce, and they had been a target as well. But unfortunately, no luck so far. The closest I could get to a bird, any bird, so far does not give the quality I'm seeking...

Something like a magpie, but I don't think it is a magpie, on electric pole.

A raven, picking up something from the field or yard next house.

But nevertheless, it is a nice atmosphere, and really puts me to sleep again. Cold wind, yet I like it. I wonder how is the weather back there in Kuwait. I'm not optimistic about it, but I do expect the temperature to be down to around 36C. After all, my catch wasn't that bad for today. I got a close up of this tiny little creature...

On the other hand, I tried to try my flash head today and tried to make some sparkles on the glassware, but my trials were not successful. I think I do need a darker room or a softbox. In fact, I was conducting the experiment without removing the glassware from the cabinet, and using my 55-200mm lens from a distance of nearly 2 meters or more a bit. I think the circumstances did not help on making some sparkles on the glass edges. The light coming from the window was also fine, hence no great change in light on objects. I think I shall leave it to another day. I didn't really want to remove or touch any glassware like I did last time. I didn't know how to compose my image after all.
In the mean time, I think I will be going to Cahir again by tomorrow. I'm going to check the antiques shop again. I might have done a mistake thinking it was sold or something. But the real reason is to check the gifts shop there actually, and also check the castle there for the last time. The way on cab took me around €25, and the way back to Cashel was for €20! A week passed so far, but I still feel the need to do more photography than this...

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