Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Castle, Again...

A new day of walking downtown with muscles growing out of my tongue instead of my legs. Why? Simply because there is no place left in there!
Anyway, started the journey with taking the short cut that I've been told about recently. It doesn't make the road shorter really but it is quieter and cars seldom pass in that way, and it is narrow and ordered by green cover and fields. It has nice views. Actually this is my second time on this short cut and I've decided to take my camera with me along the way today to take some scenes. Eventually, there were some unexpected guests that kept staring at me...

My New Friend!

There are other stuff I took a snap at along the way of course, but didn't prepare any so far. I think I've touched something on this way that makes my hand itchy, or maybe some insect did it for me. The back of my left hand is itchy and got some red spots as I'm typing this.
Anyway, the first thing to do as I got to the town center was to get the batteries that I need for my flash head. Hopefully, I'll be working again in the lounge and also the dinining room (for a panorama), probably tomorrow, as I am in no mood to walk!
I headed then to the castle. I've been told there is a gifts shop there. There was in fact. I didn't find many stuff in it. The gifts shop in Galway in Oughterard town was full of many stuff to buy. If I remember correctly it was a property of Keogh family there. Peter Keogh, if memory serves me well. However, I got some silver rings of claddagh and some with celtic knots, and a blouse. I really need to organize my stuff and decide what gifts goes to whom. I don't think I've settled down with gifts for all my close people, yet. After the gifts however, I headed back again to the castle, got the ticket and hurled in directly to the graveyard at the back of the castle.

In the graveyard, where mixed graves lie; old and new relatively, I've seen graves of old people, and young people, and even infants and babies. Made me really think how lucky I am that God let me reach my 30. I don't know what happened or how it happened, but I did feel a gush of tears coming, and if it was not for the tourists that don't cease to come and pass by, I would have probably teared down, and the reason is unknown. Maybe simply, it was just sad to see 18 years old people lie there, covered.

Typical Celtic Cross as a grvestone.

Now to the technical side of the story. I've been preparing "some" images only with my so-called "cheap" HDR substitution, as you can see above with the celtic cross. Tomorrow, hopefully, with my flash in new batteries, I will try to make the crystals in the ceiling and the wall reflect some light beams and give some interesting shining patterns, if possible. The process is not easy at all because there is a great play of angles in role here. For now, I think I'm done with the castle for now. I don't think I will be back to it again for more pictures. I think I will try to read the tourists guide to see if there are other places to go to other than Cahir. I've checked some information about Clonmel, but eventually, there was not much about it and seems not much is there to be seen! I will check again later. For now, I need to rest my legs...

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