Monday, October 4, 2010


Today is a day of low activity generally, but nevertheless, I got a huge relief for now from the storage problem I had yesterday. I was able to find an external harddisk on USB for €85.00, from Buffalo (supposedly a good quality), of 320 GB. My images so far take up about 20 to 30 GB. I also shopped for some gifts here and there and still I need to look more for gifts, and seems I need to go again to Cahir. The antiques shop that I do want to see seems closed for sale or something. There was a big sign on the facade window. I think I will check back again tomorrow or so. There is also a gifts shop,  might check it as well to get everything done for the family business! AH well, I hope they like it anyway.
I passed by the food market again and got me noodles this time! It was the last vegetarian noodles, since all of the others included some beef contents in them. I got some supplies now that it is a shame for me to go hungry anymore!

Back to the Thornbrook House, with sore feet now, I've backed up everything I got so far on my new harddisk, but without deleting the originals just in case. However, It was really dull sitting idle like that, so I decided to go and do some extensive work in the lounge again. This time, something more than just a panorama.
This time I started setting up the scene for my own use, after granting the freedom from the owner, Mrs Kennedy! I've been moving the furniture around and working with the glassware a bit (and veeeery carefully). I still develope my images in non-HDR format, but today I made a trial on what I like to call: Cheap HDR. What is that you may ask, well, it is an HDR image made out of JPG files (8-bit format instead of the 16-bit TIFFs), and their size is reduced too low, and in my case my typical size was 800x533.

 I called it, Lust and Sin, or Lust and Crime.

The image above is a tone-mapped HDR image. My Speedlite disappointed me here, or should I say for my stupidity I didn't make a spare battery for it. My idea here was to take some images of the lounge while reflecting the flash from the crystals hanging from the ceiling and help on making rays of light. Unfortunately, the plan failed. Anyway, I continued taking pictures around without the flash. 
I had snaps of the piano with the notes sheet, and settled up the furniture here and there.

The Sofa in the Lounge 

Of course this is just an example after all, and more work is waiting for me back home. Now, I have to post this and decide what to do for tomorrow!

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