Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cahir again...

It was a long day, for the activities, and for the catastrophes that followed. It was one beautiful morning with sun shining over, but the rain came in in afternoon. However, it was not much of a thing since I already finished shooting by the time the rain came in.

In Cahir, I took that long road to the Swiss Cottage. Many stuff and sceneries to be photographed but I tried my best to be precise at what attracts me the most even though everything there was attractive to me, regarding that I came from a land where deserts play the role! In the last third however, almost, there was a groove in the cliff side with some holes in it and one big hole like a little cave entrance. Well, it was not a cave, but only one big hole. The view with the trees growing on the top of the cliff was amazing, so I decided to stop here and make a panorama of the place. I was not in a hurry so I tried my best to work slowly and not miss a thing, but things did go the way I wanted, as usual. In the middle of my work I realized that I didn't format the CF memory card in my camera the night before and hence the images of the panoramas done yesterday were still in and, since they are mixed now with new ones, I can't format the CF as simply as that! I had to go on one by one and deleting some and then taking more pictures for the panorama and deleting some and so on.

Unfortunately, when I reached the Swiss Cottage, which by the way is not a swiss thing at all, I've found out that taking pictures inside is not allowed. Anyway, taking a picture from the outside was fine. This Swiss Cottage reminded me of the Carnnóg in Brigit's Gardens park.

The Swiss Cottage

The Crannóg

The conical roof is almost the same in both. The cottage was in fact a home for Richard and Emily Butler in 1810. The title "Swiss" was given by the locals to the place because it looked like swiss cottages in Switzerland. This is what the information card says anyway!
After leaving the place I headed back on that long way again, walking beside the River Suir, and I've noticed this little amigo staring at me as it seems...

I've twisted my left foot on the way back, but it's not a big deal really. I've soon returned to normal. But there was another crises waiting for me, on this one damn laptop I'm typing my blog with right now!
Trying to upload my pictures, which are taken in RAW format, I was suddenly surprised by the laptop's message "not enough disk space". I do have another partition of the harddisk that is not used much still with a capacity of 30GB for now, but this is still alarming. I've ran over my images again doing and early filtration that is supposed to be done back home and not here. I've deleting many images trying to make space, but alas, the only space I could free here was 2GB. Now I wonder if there is any computer accessories shops in this little town. We'll see... or I'm in a big trouble...

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