Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brain Squeezing...

I think squeezing my brain trying to find out some words to pin down was sort of successful. I had to surf the net a bit trying to find new ideas and new ways to break the writer's block, and maybe the most and easiest solution was: take a walk. Of course my main course of walking is during my working time, and now with the semester being over, the campus is almost empty and the weather is nice and helps a lot on taking a mind journey. My first trial was finalized and called it: My Golden Days. Another trial took place then after the next day and I could hardly squeeze my brain for the past 2 days trying to find the words, but then I remembered, a poem or a lyrical piece isn't supposed to be "necessarily" long. It is just how you feel, and hence I finalized a short piece called Send Me An Angel. The rhyme in this latter one might not be a strong pattern (abacc), and it does sound weird even to me, but surfing the net a bit I've found that such patterns do exist but mostly in old folk songs. I do imagine though if this is to be a song of some sort or played somehow, it's going to be a slow music tone.
I do understand now how writing is so difficult I guess, specially when you have all the feelings but not enough words in your mind to put them down, or the ability to shape your expressions. I would be able to write single sentences but to stitch them all together in some sense and rhyme, this is even harder than stitching a panorama!
I also got some positive feedback on my previous piece, The Beggar of Nothingville from one of the judges in one contest. I'm not so optimistic though that I would win even though I got 5 out of 5 stars for this, but the important thing for me is to expose it to as much as possible, hence I posted it again in one of the contests after checking the regulations of it.

On the other hand, started to upload the Ayvarith transliteration of Alexander's story into WDC website. Along with that process, I'm trying to unify the notations of writing which I changed by the last chapter (chapter six) of Alexander's story. The process is giving me a headache as well, naturally, because there were lot of typos as well. Some words I'm trying to check again and they are not in the dictionary! Well, I must have been trapped in my own trap; going around some words by using parallel expressions. If you are wondering what that means, think of it that way: instead of saying "I went downstairs," and in your conlang, you didn't make up a word for "downstairs," you might as well say "I went below by the stairs." Long, I know. But this is the way I used to go around some words. The process of evading some words is essential as I think though. It helps on creating a trend of the conlang as it is a language by itself, a stand-alone, not mimicking the grammar and the order or the ideology of other languages. Somehow, in the process of creating a conlang, you must always check that your mind is isolated and not completely dependent on some base. In my case, I do need the base; somewhere to begin with the conlang for sure! That's why I make up words and take up some aspects of Arabic, Hebrew and Aramaic.
I'm thinking as well about adding some sound files. This is to explain some of the pronunciations of the sounds to help on reading the transliteration texts. I might as well add a reading for the story itself in Ayvarith. I did some before, but I think I've lost the files, and now I have to work all over again (with some corrections added this time). I think WDC allows for some audio files to be added somehow. I will have to check and see. Meanwhile, I'm working on the website slowly, but seems Fortunecity, where I keep some files now, has a problem with the FTP upload. I remember in GeoCities, the FTP option was allowed for paying members, but in Fortunecity, it says it's for free hosting members as well. Unfortunately, I tried the FTP and it's not working well. Error in password always though I checked it over and over again. The new design I've made is simple but yet contains lot of GIF images because of slicing the main image in the facade, and I will have to upload every single GIF image (after creating a folder inside) if I don't use the FTP client.

Trying to push myself to be busy somehow, even though I do have some games waiting on the queue line. On Sunday, and right after I got back from work with no appetite for lunch, I decided to drive out again in my Seat Altea 2006 and do some washing for the car, and then I headed to my work place again just to park the car there and do some panorama from the inside. I spent like 20 minutes trying to settle down with the tripod inside the car. It was a so damn hard process. In the beginning I tried the monopod in fact, but it didn't work at all because of the extremely horizontal 3 legs it had at the bottom. Finally, with some stretching, a tripod was fitted in somehow and I started to work and moving from one door to another in order to move the VR-head in all directions. I made the panorama without a zenith or a nadir, because generally I don't have an aim for a QTVR. It was just a trial. It took me already one hour or around that to take the panorama with car turned off but lights on inside the car. Made me worried after all this time about the battery; it could have been dead by that time. After finishing the work with the panorama, I've noticed that the tripod's situation is a good one to even shoot a video inside the car! I thought of turning on the video and going around driving till I get back home, just as a trial as I never ever had any experience not interest in videography. However, it is interesting and I'm going back to read the manual for my Canon EOS 7D and learn more about the basic functions. I recorded a bit more than one minute successfully until I got out of the parking place and out of campus, then the tripod's leg got loose and the camera fell down to one side. No great harm, but I was upset of this betrayal!
Back home, the stitching process was sort of smooth, but not completely out of errors and broken lines. Before taking this panorama I tried to pull the camera back a bit instead of the "center" position which is the default setting, and probably, the broken lines, are caused by this pull-back. So far, two versions are stitched: flat spherical and a tunnel (ant view) one. Lot of work was needed with the clone tool to correct the mistakes and other things!

Seat Altea, 2006.

I think, however, that the ant-view (or tunnel) view is not that good, thus I will stop my trials with that and be satisfied with what I have here, so far! I think I could try this again with another car. The question is, would my plans for getting busy most of the time would work on braking down my daydreaming process a bit? Frankly, I'm not so optimistic about it. Maybe a mental process is more useful to brake those ideas, like thinking of a line to write in a new poem. This is what I'm trying to do recently but no hope. It's like I'm keeping my mind busy for nothing, and soon, I will escape to another world.
Maybe some people who read this now would say I'm exaggerating about the daydreams. Well, let's think about it a little: 10 minutes in the bathroom just to wash my face sometimes (and sometimes forgetting what I wanted to do there even), driving completely unaware of the movements around you, the inability to focus or concentrate on the long run, specially when reading something (greatly affected me during high school and college), and sometimes even talking or making a gesture with no sense. Now, if you think the things I'm mentioning previously are serious enough, then, I'm not exaggerating my fears from daydreaming.

However, trying to put some effort with my pictures from Ireland. I feel that I've almost done everything I can with those pictures. I do need to work on the camera more somehow. Anyway, after the "likeness" of my Tunnel Effect for the playground from Bayan park, seems that I will be visiting the old panoramas from Ireland and try to stitch them in that projection and see if there is any interesting results. Also, I will work on them in Adobe 1998 color space, as some of these panoramas were done before in Pro Photo (my beloved) space. The first of those to be visited was the Ardeaglais Cormaic (Cormac's Cathedral on Cashel Rock):

Ardeaglais Cormaic (Tunneling)

Usually, when doing a full spherical panorama, I do consider stitching the panorama in 2 projections: the flat spherical, and the little planet. The little planet projection was, I thought, more suitable for panoramas taken outdoors where you can engulf the main structures with the sky that you would be taking in the panorama itself, but I was wrong. The little planet projection proved to give interesting results when done for indoors panoramas as well. Now, this consideration for the LP projection, encouraged me to add one more projection to the list of "must be done," that is, the Tunneling (or Ant View as I called it before) projection. The tunneling projection (also a term coined by me. I don't know if there is a specific name for this) is simply the reverse of the LP; in LP you look from above to the scene, in Tunneling you look from ground level (or from below let's say). Compare? Would be fun!

Find your way around

I will post this now, in hope of doing something interesting with my camera in the coming days. I'm studying (or let's say general reading from the web) more of lights and other camera aspects, as well as looking for some opportunities to upload the BIG QTVR files (50MB+ in size), and show them to other people. I leave you now with a Scottish tune that I liked so much and been listening to all week! (you don't have to understand a thing just enjoy the music!).

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