Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nemo Audit...

Trying to pour all the jam of anger and despair about the stupidity of this life in some words. I call them, words of wisdom. For this, I've decided to make a document file into WDC, and there, I type all the foolish words in some sarcastic way, just to try to mock my life and have a laughter, at myself. The document will be edited and added to every time I think of something. Since it is about life, it has a bit of "adult" terms, let's say. Thus, I won't recommend reading it for someone under 18 years of age, even though I know, children of today cuss and swear more than I do in my leisure time. But oh well, just to be honest.
I'm trying to squeeze my brain even more to write something new, after all the turmoil at home itself. Sometimes, you do feel that you speak a completely different language that no one understands except of you alone. I think the frustration is on increase and hitting hard on chords of melancholy and daydreaming. Music don't stop. I don't allow it to stop. I want to just rock my world away. Maybe in my daydreams people do understand me a bit? Maybe.... I was almost gone into some accident today as I was driving because I was completely absent. I don't remember my thoughts though. It's dark, in bright daylight. Nemo audit, nemo videt, nemo considerat.

However, finally, my stuff are here! It took around 2 weeks of waiting (and lot of payments) to get these stuff here. I'm still in the process of trying those things, and my progress is slow so far. I want to do it slowly because writing a review for these things is important, for me at least. I'd say, I enjoy being honest!

Some stuff I've ordered (top to bottom): Adapter ring for Cokin filters 52mm, 
Canon backpack, Tamron 70-300mm macro lens, Velbon Panhead.

And beside these, there are the two 8x ND filters from Cokin, and a cap for one of my lenses (in place of the one I lost in Ireland for my 18-55mm). The test for the ND filter will require some work though. I have now 3 of 8x ND filters (each one of them reduces the light by -3EV, totaling then -9EV), and I want to test this in some moon photography, hence, I need some time to think how to do this thing. I do wish for a star trail photography but this needs to be in some isolated place, far far away. The Velbon panhead (or tripod head) is for my monopod mainly but seems I will try to use it on my tripod as well. The head has its topmost piece that attaches itself to the camera, detachable. In other words, it's a click-system, where you can attach the camera to this piece and lock it to the head and whenever you want to remove the camera for a handheld shot, you just need to click a button and there you go. Useful for an old tripod like mine I guess! Besides, they provided also something I was looking for in a long time now; a converting screw, which makes a small screw fit into a larger hole. This head, I believe, will solve much of my problems with tripods. Only thing left here is to try and make the monopod more stable when using its 3 small legs, somehow.
I'm trying also to do more test with the new Tamron macro tele-lens (70-300mm). It is decisive somewhat and I need to get used to the way it works and focuses on objects. Of course, tripods or monopods or anything to make this ting stable is a must here, also a flash. Could be useful to get nice image of the eyes of some sort. Lot of ideas for the time being but I'm not sure I will be able to do them all. However, once I got it, I went on shooting randomly, handheld, like a mobster. One of the shots, so far, was good but maybe not to the level I want it, generally because the image was dark.

My niece

This shot actually was taken while I was standing somehow far from my niece, a toddler, and took it without any flash at around f5.6, and at ISO800. Despite the settings, the image was sort of dark. It was quite a normal and regular shot so I tried to add life to it somehow by doing what you see here; a black and white image with a colored eye (with some effects on it a bit). I wonder though if the distance was closer than it was, would I get an interesting shot for the eye again? I'm not quite sure. The macro lens makes me feel I'm using a regular telephoto lens but with some extended range! I will have to read the specifications paper again there might be some tips I'm missing. There was also another trial to catch my "tartaloza"; my metallic turtle that I keep coins in. This time, and with a monopod again, it was sort of hard to stabilize. The longer the focal length is, the more sensitive your picture will be to any shake.


I used here f32, which means a longer shutter speed (or time), in a dark room with a desk lamp concentrating the light on tartaloza. I've put the monopod around one meter away from the subject here as it is the optimum distance for doing a macro with this telephoto lens (as mentioned in the specifications paper and on the lens body itself generally). The main part of the face was sharp but the rest was gone under blurring effect like if I was using a larger aperture. I have to check the Hyperfocal distance principle again here.

I have to post this now and, get lost with my music. The only thing I can talk to right now...

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