Thursday, October 20, 2011

Goodbye For Now...

Here I am. With my last post before I travel next week to do the pilgrimage. I've started my vacation yesterday, Wednesday, but to start it I had to pass through 3 days like hell. I've fallen sick in the stomach (not the first time to have this) and that changed a lot of my plans.
Anyway, before I start this vacation I've already worked in my work place and took some shots and panoramas. The only one thing interesting in all of this is my use for the first time for the Photek lateral arm to take a shot for the nadir point. To do this, I've connected the VR-head on the usual tripod, and the lateral arm on the monopod. This way, I've expanded the monopod up to around the level of the camera on the VR-head and tripod combination, and then I've kept them away and ready.
The panorama didn't go without problems but anyway this is usual now and the nadir point shot was a bit off maybe, but however, I think PTGui did some nice job in aligning and compensating for the shift difference. The QTVR here needs some time to load in case you have a slow connection.

Well, that's all for now folks. Hopefully to catch up after around 3 weeks. I won't have any technology with me when I do the pilgrimage, and I won't take my camera. It's better to be busy worshiping rather. Thus, I'll be far away from technology for some weeks. Until then...


  1. this is great. i was looking for hours the way to put spherical images in blogger. can i have a little "insight" info on how you achieved this? thanks in advance.

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  3. Sorry, re-post:

    Hi Ray,
    Well it's simple. After making the QTVR you have to upload it to some place (as for me I use my Google account, where they give you some free space). From there, I get the link and use tag when I write my blog like: [embed src="link to the file without additions" width="number" height="number" controller="true or false"][/embed]
    (just using square brackets instead of the usual ones for tags)

    The quotations above are to be added as well. The numbers depends on the design of your blog (for me it is fine with 400x300), and when you want to add controller, it is advisable to put extra pixels on the height parameter (in my case that would be 400x311).
    Finally, just make sure your MOV file for the QTVR is suitably small (you know, for connection and loading purposes).

    Hope that helps! :) and thanks for viewing and comment :)