Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here I am...

Here I am, this is me, there is no where else on Earth I'd rather be... I'm back finally from the Hajj ritual and accompanied with some slight sickness in the nose and throat. Typical. The good thing is, I got it at the very end while I was packing my suitcase and getting ready to leave Saudi Arabia. I've endured so many hardships in the pilgrimage (beating, squeezing, crushing, ...etc) but all of that made me stronger somehow, but at the end I had to fall down for a virus!

I didn't take a camera in my traveling and I shouldn't in fact. It is a sensitive issue and also I would put a burden on my back to take care of my camera in that world. The rushing was abnormal. Simply, it is like the judgement day or a miniature of that in some sense. Millions of people go altogether. Anyway, here I am, alive. There were nice natural views (the mountains and hills of Medina and Makkah) but oh well, I had to pass. Now I'm trying to get up from this sudden sickness (which was not weird thing to happen really) and I'm trying to get up on my feet again. I have many things to do now and my vacation will be over by November 17th; a week from now. I will start directly then with a training course that will last a week too.
For now, I'm trying to find new ways for curing my coldness. After shaving all my hair (as a requirement for Hajj), now, temperatures that sounded OK with me are just too cold now! I need my hair back!!!

Kuwait is chilly and I'm glad I'm back here. The temperature this morning was ranging from 8C to 14C. Simply awesome. I like winter....

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