Thursday, November 17, 2011


A sluggish week passed on. My vacation is over by now without doing something useful with my camera (or other projects). I was concentrating more on my camera work in fact.
I wanted to spend a night on Failaka island but the schedules with the ferry were screwed up and it was jammed in the middle of the week! I've never knew that people would go on it in the middle of the week that much; I was wrong with my calculations or it's just my luck, as usual. So, pictures from there was a far-reaching idea now.
On the other hand as well, I've tried to go inside the Aquarium, in the Scientific Center, to take pictures again like I did back in April, but I was disappointed and slammed out. I live in such a melancholic world indeed. Makes me urge myself to start some new vacation ASAP just to get away from all the restrictions here.

I've worked on plenty of images before going to Hajj, but it was a fast paced work to fill in my Ninth album from Ireland. Not much to be mentioned really. One panorama which was done before was done again but with time with change of the WB, which transformed the whole thing into some sort of a night scene. It was good enough for a QTVR but I was lazy to do a small one, only a large one (50MB in size) was done and kept for my own reference.

Living Night in Dominican Graveyard

Well, it's Thursday now and who knows what will happen. Nothing so special about this Thursday since I didn't start work yet (by next week), but maybe there is hope to do something with my camera? I hope...
In the meantime, I got two new books to read (or see). The first is How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Architecture, by Rob Alexander; the one I have has a different cover design than the one in Amazon, but the title and the author are the same!
The second book is The World Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabres by Harvey J. S. Withers. The one on Amazon is a bit different in title and cover colors, but the cover design is the same as mine. Ugh, the damn Amazon gadget in my blog window doesn't work to put the pictures of the books more easily!
I didn't start the second book yet. Hopefully, I can enrich my imagination and my sense of art by reading and viewing such books. I don't know how it would help me in photography but it might as well push me to do my own sketches, though I testify for myself that I've been bad with sketches, forever.

Well, time to post this and see what home chores I have to do (beside sleeping and eating). Until next Thursday, I hope more chances present themselves to me. It's really sluggish to have a camera without using it or being able to use it. Just out of boredom, I've decided to do something out of the context a little bit...

eĞalíŧ eĄiramramán yi adam liYifąal, hú liYadaą húta yisfal baYáħavah.

And don't ask for a translation please...

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