Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grease and Sketch...

Here I am again, idle without doing anything with my camera in this week. It is annoying indeed but I've been somehow busy with... being idle.
I have some idea for a panorama as I said for long time now (even before I go to Hajj) but the main problem here is that the idea needs lot of physical effort. I'm not sure how to do so with the minimum amount of disturbance (disturbance of scene = stitching errors).
I'm trying also in the mean time to make up my mind for another purchase. More books and more tools if possible, but of course I have to take it down slowly with some planning in the budget, and I'm concerned as well for the stupid political situation in this country and what some stupid senators stir by the name of doing good, and in fact it's all just a s**t. Probably such situation would affect the orders I'd make and how things work out in the customs. I heard customs employee are striking as well. The world is going crazy from my side.

Not really stopped everything but since this week I have been on a training course (of some sort) away from my real work (but I've started my work already, supposedly) - in that time and in between lectures or in breaks I would just hold the pen and let my fingers wander on the page. I've been reading a little from my new architecture book and I feel I want to sketch some structures, or just anything. I wish to be good one day, but I guess that is all related on how much effort I can put into it.
I've drawn something lately that I've been attached to somehow, in a strange way. A house made of a mushroom. I really don't know how I got this idea, but I just got it done before and after one of the lectures...

Gnome Home

More to come about the watermarks later on. The sketch was made by ink on a regular paper and of course I had to go on enhancing after scanning it in grayscale format (the B&W scan was so bad). I might call it a conceptual sketch, where usually artist make it out as a basic for a more complicated and finer art piece, but this is too early for me to indulge in. I had a crazy idea myself of amalgamating a mushroom house like this with a Gothic style structure! I don't think this is ready for me yet as I'm not sure how this is done. You need a strong imagination to imagine the minute details in such structures and a fine motor movement of the hands to get around the curves and lines. However, I'm sort of proud of this. It is a sketch made thoughtfully and not as usual with a wandering mind.
Also, before this sketch actually, there were two others that I did before this one but I don't think they were that much of a good sketch.

A Tower, supposedly...

Skeletal Hand, with feathers.

Now, back to the watermark topic. I've decided to get back to the old habit of stamping my watermark on my (small) images that I show to people and put here. I've realized that some people are in fact taking some of my pictures and use it as a wallpaper or something of that sort. Some of them are friends actually and I kept silent about it from the perspective of friendship, but I also need to restrict this borrowing and make myself known; however bad the picture might be. So, from now on, expect to see more watermarks on the upcoming images in the future. I know it is annoying, but I need to protect my stuff one way or another.

As for now, I'm typing this on Wednesday just to post it on Thursday, and I don't know when it will be posted at this moment. But I'm praying for more action with my camera. The weather is chilling down and it is just awesome. Winter is the most beautiful season for photography in Kuwait; if only you have the ideas to apply...
Just one instant when I was lucky, I took this shot from the roof and it was only one shot. That one only and I got down from the roof, mainly because I felt some drops of rain (and I think it rained that night).

15mm FE f/2.8 @f/20

In this particular shot, I've increased the f-number just to produce enough sparkle in the light lamps there, and although I did take 3 successive shots for HDR merging, but I think it wasn't necessary to do HDR here, and the hue and shades of colors were enough to give a mystic look like that. Now, it's time to post this and check for things to do... or maybe have a nap...

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