Thursday, December 8, 2011

Run Away...

Here we go again, after one week of being off from this blog. I actually didn't have the material and still in fact don't, but maybe now I can put on some stuff.
Things are going complicated in my life lately. Ups and lot of downs I'd say but, I'm walking the tunnel. I had an idea of doing some kind of a project, related to places specifically related to us, Shiites, and doing some sort of a catalog out of these images with some information about these places. Unfortunately, a clash in the family seems to be holding me down for now. I don't know if I can do it in some other way or by means of another path; I'm trying to look for alternatives. It's hard to work with people who don't understand you.

In the mean time I've finished my 9th album for pictures from Ireland 2010 (Co. Tipperary). This album doesn't have a specific theme, but I did a mix of heavy Photoshop editing, and many RAW file editing only (no HDR).

Hore Mysticis (sketch-like editing)

Quodam Loco (Place in Between)

The image Hore Mysticis was heavily edited to make it look like a sketch, while the Quodam Loco was simply RAW editing (beside some enhancement in Photoshop for contrast and hue of course, but this is not a REAL editing I'd say). The pictures here don't bear any watermarks or signatures because the work was already established before I go to Hajj. My decision to put on watermarks, again, is actually considered when I got back from the Hajj.
Locally now, I don't have much of opportunities to snap some pictures. Either a busy schedule or simply a plain weather. We don't get much clouds even in winter. The only time to have some nice chances is early morning, and sunset times. However, I've noticed that around 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. there used to be some formation of clouds when I'm at my work place, but not everyday. I tried to do some long exposure with this situation in order to make an effect of blurred moving clouds and a static building. Anyway, my experiment was not done completely and I had to be satisfied with one shot (well, not completely satisfied let's say).

Cube from Heaven

It was merely one shot, and ironically I didn't notice the cubic shape that I've got here. My focus was set on the cloud and the way they move. It is only one shot with some RAW editing to enhance the highlight and shadows and also the saturation. Now back to the calculations, which I had some hard time doing it in time back then because I was going to leave my work place!
Using my Tamron 70-300mm, I didn't really need to zoom in much. The maximum f-number (smallest aperture) was f/32, and remember the f-number is in fact a ratio and not a size number (i.e. the ratio between the diameter of the aperture and the focal length in use, and sometimes in my Tamron lens it can reach up to f/45). Setting the value to f/32 and the Exposure Value (EV) to -2/3EV (with a good light in a sunny day, this is just to avoid overexposure, and we can work out in the RAW later on), that yielded a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. At that time I didn't have time to get my calculator out and calculate really. However, after doing the calculations back at home, I realized it is somehow hard to do, or let's say, tedious work is waiting for me.
Using the formula T = S * 2x, we can "easily" get the stops required for a, let's say, one minute exposure. Easily, if you are good with maths or at least with your calculator!

T = S * 2x
1 min (60 sec) = (1/60 sec) * 2x
3600 = 2x
log 3600 / log 2 = x
x = 11.8 stops.

In this case now, I have two options to work with: a) work with my ND filters, which means putting more than one in successive order to make up for 11.8 stops (and I don't think I can reach this number of stops with what I have), or b) Use the welding glass which has a green tint to it and can give me up to 11.7 stops. A good deal, but unfortunately, I have to stand still holding it with my hands since I couldn't cut it down to the size of Cokin's filters, hence, I can't put it in my filter holder. After that day, simply NO CLOUDS ever showed up in the sky since then. I'm waiting though.
Using my welding glass for this experiment, as said before, it will give a green tint to the whole image and I'm not sure how useful it is to fix that tint with WB change in the RAW editor. I tried it before with a simple light situation, but not in a complex scene like this. Complex by means of the elements involved that is.

with tint

after adjusting the tint by WB

I mentioned before as well there is some idea for a panorama that I was thinking of before I go to Hajj even, and I'm still thinking of how to do it. The problem, as I've mentioned before as well, this idea needs some physical effort. I'm hesitating between the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen would be something new to me, although technically I have a problem because of the small space and the occupation of the place. The only time to do such a panorama is by late night when no visitors are expected!

That's for now. I'm off, and let's hope this week will pass with as little clashes as possible... lesser than last week. I need to run away with my camera to somewhere...
And here is just a little gift for SOME friends... haha!

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