Thursday, December 15, 2011


Seems this winter will be over before I make a nice shot outside. This is how it feels for the time being, at least. I just hope this feeling won't extend further to the rest of this season.
I've been busy lately with chores here and there, and I'm relieved for now after finishing my car license renewal. Still though, the car is making me a headache with gear problems. I hate cars. I really do. I have to check this problem as soon as possible before something serious happens to the gear.

The skies are beautiful in the morning and for some time I used to pack my camera and tripod with me wherever I go just in hope to get something on the way, but with heavy sleeping and heavy clothes being needed now (yeah, I'm getting old), it is harder to do it. I don't take my camera with me everyday now. Despite the beautiful sky in winter wherever I go here (daily, as I go to work), it is harder to capture something because of the locations; cars, buildings on the way, unwanted trees... etc. It would be nice to take such shots with such skies in a cityscape format. For this reason, the only thing to think of is to get myself busy (with the camera) at home, for the time being.

What to do at home? Well, I've been experimenting little bit here and there, and since I allow myself some extra Photoshop editing unlike many other concrete or precise photographers that I've encountered so far, so I decided to take some snap shots and modify them later to suit my aim. My main assistant here is my younger brother, either as my model or as the cameraman when I'm in front of it. Yet, I guess one of the best shots that I've created for him so far (even he was surprised for the result himself) is when I turned him into a vampire. As simple as that!


The image is not cropped. It was merely a concentration on one quarter of the face. In this shot I didn't use my flash unit, but instead, I've pointed my little LED light (key chain LED light in fact) to this portion of the face and taking the shot then. The idea was to take a shot of myself since I have longer canines (the longest in the house I think), but with him not being into cameras so much, it was hard to teach him how to zoom and focus and use the panhead (where you control the camera's direction with one and only one joystick or lever). Anyway, as a beginning, I asked to get in front of the camera and I will do the job.

In the beginning I was thinking of giving the picture a bit of a cold hue (slightly blue shade with slightly reddish lips), but I went along with the black and white version because I feel it gives more drama to the situation, and more of a sense of fear.
The "fangs" here were done simply with selection tool (I used the pen tool personally, anyway different situations require different techniques I guess) and, after selecting one of them solely, I used various transformations (wrap, skew, distort...etc) to elongate the teeth (a good idea is to copy the portion after selecting by Ctrl+J; this will move it to a new layer). Of course, some additions were required just to hide the width of the original tooth where it was required.

I'm tending now to take more pictures of this type. In fact I just did take some shots of myself and my brother (well, he took pictures of me of course) and I'm planning to retouch them in the same manner. My face is ugly already as it is without touching in fact, but well, I just want to mimic fantastical creatures when I touch! I was planning to put the pictures here today but unfortunately I couldn't because we shot late and such editing needs time (sometimes in days). I do think such tendency with my shots (or such way of thinking) do reflect something in me, and I do indeed look for answers for such tendencies about creating scary stuff.

I was talking for weeks now about a panorama? Well, still thinking of how to do it. As I said earlier, the chores and the bad sleeping times (mainly for totally exhausted body) render me motionless and mood-less for such work for now. I just hope things go as planned for the few weeks left of this year, and the car gets fixed with no problems... this is all what I'm wishing for myself with this year's end... no big hopes no big wishes, I just need these small stuff done. Projects await.

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