Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frame My Brain...

Well well! What do you know! I'm typing this and amazed to see that Amazon Gadget is back beside the typing space here in this blog! (of course you won't see it). But something is weird about it still!
Anyway, I'm not in need for it right now. I've been busy working on my own projects, and I don't even read much. Even the previously-available time for reading (bed time) is taken with my exhaustion by the end of the day.
Right now, I've taken pictures for some frames' samples taken from the frames shop. They are, however, totally different than the ones I've used already for framing my prints for the expo, but some of them were really nice. They are 27 sample in total, but some of them seem to be repeated or so. For sure I won't include all of them in the catalog or the website, so I will try to make a choice later on.

One of my favorite frames

Taking the shots for the frames was another story. It was a time to recall the flash unit (580EX II). My setup was simple generally, specially that I've abandoned the hand-made softbox and also I didn't feel like using those desk lamps. My room is in such a mess that I don't feel like moving anything.
After testing some shots, and saving some images with various settings for the on-camera flash and the dedicated flash (580EX II mounted on a bracket above the camera level), seems that the best way was to bounce the flash from the ceiling. However, as I was trying somehow a high-key feel to the images, I had to increase the exposure to one stop, and sometimes two, and there is a sign of some green cast on the images (because of the side walls).

Shooting Configuration

This is the round disk I've used before for making object-panorama some time ago, and using the translucent paper (maps paper, tracing paper) to cover for the hard edge of the disk at the back. Same configuration used in my hand-made softbox, but this time without any side constraints and things are hanging freely. Of course, everything was settled on the rotating base of the VR-head which was dispatched solely to fit the white disk on. By the way, that's the shadow of the tripod on the background and not a camera shake or a ghost!
Now, I'm trying to sort out the frames and maybe give them a code of some sort (probably I won't use this code after all), but the dimensions of each frame (the depth or thickness and the height) must be included, so the customers can make a picture of their final framed picture. I had to borrow a vernier scale from work to do this task as a ruler proved hard to be used with such measurements (because of the curves in the frames). However, I will try to pick some of them for the catalog and the website and not all of them will be included. I'm thinking of a number of 10 or lesser. I wonder now if this is like opening a gate for me to try my hands on products photography (commercial photography). Who knows!

I'm not doing much of photography now, but lot of ideas occupying this skull. There is a panorama that I didn't work with before, and now a new idea for another panorama came along as well, but I don't like to tell much of the details of my future plans. However, the first panorama which I was trying to do requires some physical effort and help, and that's why I couldn't do it yet, while the second panorama which I'm thinking of now, involves the flash, and a proper place to depict the idea and the look I'm trying to achieve. Above all of that, there is also the trial to go to Failaka and spend one night there. I've tried to go during the long holiday (for the national day) but I've failed (and good thing I didn't go because there were news about some entrapment for the visitors). No time now to think of Geltani, or Ayvarith.

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