Thursday, February 23, 2012

TJ Prints...

Been one busy week. I could hardly touch or even think of the camera. In between my work and my projects, and the exhausted body and turbulent sleeping, my inspirations for new photos was lost amid this atmosphere.
However, not everything was gone in a thin air. I've been trying my best to represent my photos already and I've managed to build a website and register my own domain, as well as working on a catalog (which is not over yet).

I've got some up and down comments about the prices that I've settled already for my pieces, but I wouldn't know the public's opinion until I try to show them myself. Everything will be evident by the time when the expo comes. So far, I'm not sure how good they are still. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope psychologically, because I'm sure there will be much stress, either I sell something or not, the stress is there.
My daily schedule for the time being is, go to work, come back home, and work on something; no exercises as I was planning, and sometimes I can't even stay awake in the afternoons because of the exhaustion, with the return of the traffic jam into the streets of Kuwait (with school return) and the erratic behavior of drivers on road and the stress coming with that. Sometimes I don't even feel like having my lunch and all what I look for is my bed. To keep it even busier, some car issues and meetings pampered me this week.

Back to my projects. As I've mentioned before, the projects with Geltani and Ayvarith recordings are on hold for now. I've made a model catalog but not being able to print it yet because I'm waiting for the next week to get some framing samples to photograph and put in the catalog as well (so customers can choose what framing they would like to have for their prints).
In the beginning I had to design a sample page, and thanks to my Bulgarian friend (you can tell she's a multi-talented) who worked with me to put the final touches to the overall look:

Sample catalog page. Click to enlarge (large image). And please don't be shocked for the price!

Ten pages of that kind were designed for old and new images, six of them are from Ireland and four of them are from Kuwait. There will be a cover page and some introduction page just before the beginning of the catalog itself.

The cover page. Seems final even though I'm not sure that it is to my satisfaction.

As for the website, I've been working the whole week (along side with the catalog), but the work seems far from finished with it, but the basic layout is there. I've registered the domain for a year so far, which was relatively cheap in fact and in hope that it will be so for some long time to come.

I've included the catalog in the website already, but I had to turn off the Portfolio section after some technical problems. Typical with me. Nothing goes right easily. However, the work is still on.
The whole thing with the sales and selling my prints, makes me think of reducing my contribution to the stock photography websites like Mostphotos and Canstockphoto, as well as Bigstockphoto. I might keep my work uploaded in these websites, until revoked.
I can't wait until the national day here comes in and I might have some time to relax and sleep as much as I want (and stay awake as much as I want). Maybe new opportunities to use my camera are to come soon...

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