Thursday, April 26, 2012


Growing sick... slowly. All seems like if the world is collapsing around me but, somehow with some miracle, I'm coping and alive still. All my hopes now rely on my camera and what I can do with it. The only thing that didn't bring me harm so far. Things are going bad mentally to the limit of thinking of resigning and screw everything behind my back.
I'm trying to go back to poetry. I didn't write something in a long time. I wish though I would be able to write something in German; for some reason, I feel this language is so expressive for what I feel more than English does right now.
For the time being I've been trying to make proposals singular work; going and asking for permission in some places and malls. I'm even preparing some sort of a small portfolios, and I will try to make it all categorized.

My prints ready for a little portfolio.

As part of my plans to forge ahead with my printing and fine arts, I was supposed to order (or plan to order to be precise) a full kit for color profiling which would enable me to make ICC profiles for my monitor and prints (as well as do other standardizations by the kit). Surprisingly, the price of this item rose from around US$700 up to US$999. I guess I have to put this idea aside a bit. I've placed an order for a WB grey card, A lightmeter, and a new macro lens from Canon. We'll see how things will go with these. As for the time being and while writing this (Tuesday) I'm waiting for a shipment of 3 new books to arrive.

Desperately, I've been trying to do something with my camera by any means, thus I took my stuff to the shore around 3 a.m. before the sunrise here and worked little bit with some long exposures. I was in a haste that I've forgot to prepare properly; I didn't wear my vest for lenses pockets, and didn't bring flashlight to see my way in the dark on the beach. However, I've managed to do some long exposures, which might be predecessors for HDR based on long exposures (and when I say long exposure, I'm speaking of 30 seconds and above).


I've started with the image above. Starting with test shots at ISO-H (i.e. the highest; 12800) just to fix my position, and also putting the lens on f/3.5 just to gain some light in a short shutter time; it is so hard to work in the darkness with a manual fisheye lens like Rokinon's 8mm.
After some shots I've finally fixed the scene to this (but made major changes in RAW editing), with an exposure of around 52 seconds. The changes made includes cropping and fixing the WB. I've fixed the WB to "Shade" or "Cloudy" in order to give a golden look to the whole scene, but found it unnecessary later. However, this golden look was preserved for the next shot.

Golden Shore

Despite the many likes I got for this image, but a friend noted some problems in it, that I dare say they were indeed "catastrophic".
First of all, the main subject of the photo is lost. Though my main aim was to show the city side and its reflection, but this part of the image didn't take much portion in the image itself. Also, the lower part of the image, which I aimed at for creating a depth illusion, made a large portion of the image (possibly more than it should be). She also made a note about the WB and that the image was too yellow, but however, this was my aim.
This image was taken within 10 minutes exposure at f/22. I had to start with 2 minutes, then 5 minutes exposure and check the LCD to see how much luminance would I get, for working with a completely manual lens like Rokinon's is indeed a tricky matter.

Right now, all what I can do is read my books and try to relax after a stressful week. I tried to go on with my projects in Geltani and Ayvarith, which I've left for some time (specially for planning for the expo), but in this week everything was so hard to comprehend and follow, yet so sick and boring. It is time to keep myself busy... as much as possible...

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