Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've been devouring my new book this week. Not much was done in my projects and even the Ayvarith text that I wanted to vocalize, still not touched. However, my reading for this book now, seems there will be lot of re-considerations for some plans I was aiming at.

This book is a real mine of information. Not something weird to expect from Alain Briot. The thing about this book, it is not only for marketing fine arts, but I think you can make it a universal approach to any business, or even read it when you feel down. Chapter 15 specifically contains a lot of motivational quotes from Briot himself with examples from his life and how he turned it upside down from low to high.
The motivational words by Alain Briot were important for me specially in this critical time, when it seems that every week comes with a new burden over my chest and back; from home or work. It made me re-think my projects and think of what to do in the near future. In the mean time, I'm still waiting for a response from the Marina Mall administrative office, to whom I've submitted a request for a permission to take photographs from the mall and also included a line about offering my services (with a little non-professional folio). I might visit (not even call) them to check about the status of this request.

While I was reading Briot's book, I came up to some page full of motivational words from Briot himself, and one line that really captured my attention and in an instant I got the idea of a photo; from this page itself.

from "Marketing Fine Art Photography" by Alain Briot, p.210.

In fact, I've sent a message personally to Alain Briot asking for permission to allow me to submit this image to stock sites, in hope of a response soon.
It is a time to re-think my approach to my pictures and to emphasize my emotional connection to them, i.e. my emotional connection in the process of the creation, before the shutter click up to after the processing.
On the other hand, there are some thoughts of how to be able to achieve this high quality of prints while I'm here. Things are available in the US or Europe (papers, print shops for fine arts...etc), but here things are not that easy. I can print my photos on canvases but still, they are not of high quality or known brand. Some people gave me out a thought of being the first to bring such papers and use them in printing (or even be a sponsor for such paper types), but I believe for the time being this is too much. I'm supposedly an artist-to-be, and not a merchant-to-be.

While this week was idle generally camera-wise, except of the image above, there are some trials to make a new panorama from the balcony, which is not ready yet as I'm typing these words. In this new panorama, I'm trying to achieve an idea, and in fact I didn't aim at making it perfect.
Beside these two "experiments" (the image above and the panorama), I've tried to visit some old pictures taken from Ireland in 2009 and also some images taken in 2010 and 2011 from Failaka island. I've re-edited two images from Failaka specifically. After the change in some of my views about how to do things and how to process images, I've decided to re-discover these images.

Περίπλοκος (Complicated)

I couldn't find an older version of this image when I first processed it, but seems anyway that I didn't upload any version for it. This image, was taken with WB Tungsten making it bluish. Back then I had an idea of being blue, mysterious, sad; but now, I think all of that is just unnecessary. I even tried to do it on HDR to give a dramatic look before this time, but now all what I did is simple RAW editing.


This image was done before as well, and I tried to make a twist to it with HDR technique. In fact, right now, I like this version more than I like the HDR done before.

Lonely (old version)

The image was taken with my 55-200mm Canon lens, which is malfunctioning at the moment and I'm not sure it can be fixed. Trying to fill in the gap in the range of focal lengths in my collection by using the Tamron 77-300mm, but still there is a tiny gap in between (55~70mm).

Aside from the camera, I'm also doing some experiments still with glossing prints. I've discovered that the spray I got some weeks ago was stamped as "Satin" instead of "Gloss". Seems that the owner handed me the wrong can. It did give a little sparkle however in one of the prints. The process costs some money for sure, but without experimenting I wouldn't know what's the best choice to make.
When I realized this mistake, I bought another can and I made sure it is a gloss spray - and it was entitled as "acrylic gloss". I've used it on a print I've made for Φοβία (Phobia) for several times (over 2 days period after multiple drying times), and also tried the Satin spray after the gloss spray. The results seem promising, even though I was expecting more contrast.

Φοβία (Phobia)

Now, I'm going to post this (well, scheduled post) and sit and wait for my new shipment to arrive. The new shipment from B&H includes:

Kodak Gray Card (9x12")
Source: B&H

Gossen Digisix Ultra Compact Digital & Analog Incident and Reflected Lightmeter (finally!!!)
Source: B&H

Canon Telephoto EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Autofocus Lens (interesting?)
Source: B&H

Unfortunately, after I've made this order, I've received a newsletter email from B&H listing some items, and I've figured out that there is one item that I really wished to have for some time, and probably I would have ordered it instead of these items:

Sony CLM-V55 Portable Monitor
Source: B&H

This item specifically would help me a lot in the non-conventional situations which I like to drop myself in, usually! Not cheap, but I think it's worthy.

With these orders now which I deem as essential, I'm trying to reduce my credit card debt step by step, and in hope I would be able to go out in a vacation. A vacation that I really need, before my mind goes astray...

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