Thursday, May 10, 2012


Feels like everything stands up suddenly wherever I go. It is like if reasons are accumulating to push me up for leaving my work and do my own business. I would do it personally if not for the money in need, unfortunately. I've been busy lately, and by busy I mean, busy out of work doing my own stuff.
I had some news last week though from the Marina Mall, when I talked to the principle (I didn't see his face yet, only chitchat by the phone) he said he really liked my samples (and hung one of them on his office wall!) and he asked the secretary to call me (but apparently she didn't). However, so far, no permission paper in my hand yet to really work on photography session there. It is a good sign though, and I'm working on doing some "job papers" to be printed and ready. There are many other things I'm working on as well.

On the other hand, I've been keeping myself busy (at work) by reading the second book in the queue: The Practice of Contemplative Photography, by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. I've read the book in a fast pace relatively, but the ideas mentioned in this book are quite challenging, specially for someone like me who had been trying, for some time, to focus on the process of printing and how to make concrete images that appeals to other people (potential customers if I should say).
The essence of the book is to be free. It is to see and perceive your environment without preconceived ideas. This is absolutely hard from my side (even with the practices mentioned in this book). The author calls to drop down the guards with achieving aesthetically proper images, like using law of thirds and so on. It is all about taking a simple picture, with lot of depth in it in the philosophical plane. I see this quite appealing when it comes to abstract photography, but of course the book is general and doesn't quite discuss the different genre of photography.

Also, I've been trying to mat one print I've made for some test. The process is not quite as easy as I thought, but in hope that my hands will get used to it. If things go perfect with this, I might end up offering matted prints without any need to frame them, and hence reduce the costs drastically (and prices as well).
A peek into my projects for now....

I. Failaka Folio: In the beginning I've started this project as only a way to show my work, and hence one copy is enough, but later some more ideas kept on coming, like offering several copies for sale with a dedicated CD with musical tracks entitled for each image in the collection (10 of them). This idea is, of course, inspired from Alain Briot's book too. However, the second idea is not yet forming on a solid ground. I do have a friend that can play music and be inspired by my images, but, technical problems are there.

Sample from the Folio
This folio is almost done with, but I have a problem now converting it to a PDF and make it a portable folio and to send over by email (beside printing it).

II. Good Morning Kuwait Folio: Even though working on this folio didn't start yet, but was inspired as I was working on the first folio above. A collection of images taken in morning time (or day time). Ironically, it also inspired me for another idea that I want to check after later on; a photo-book. A book including some of my images with a few commentaries. The idea of the book is "Kuwait in Colors," and it provides wide range of images from Kuwait with general coloring theme, based on rainbow colors that is. This idea also comes from my recent reading in the above mentioned book.

III. Posters: As I am waiting for a chance to shoot inside the Aquarium again, many ideas been racing in my head to try and shoot a panorama there if possible, and make an offer for the gift shop in there. Not sure how this is supposed to work but I wouldn't know until I try.

IV. Editing Website: I have to edit my website soon and make drastic changes in many aspects, but I need to plan these changes in advance before hitting the editing page.

Initial targets so far but the processing is going slowly. I would need a vacation specifically just to do all I want to do as soon as I can. Also with this working conditions that delivers me just as a dead body back home everyday, it is hard for now to do everything in a fast pace.
I still didn't go on with my Ayvarith recording because of all these events. Also, my Geltani project is on hold still. Trying hard not to think much about all of these projects, but I can't keep my brain from switching channels...
I need some help, but there's none...

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