Thursday, May 17, 2012


A busy and idle week in the same time. Currently, I've been busy working on a report for a friend, and I do it mainly when I get back from work, at home; while at work digging for material for this report as much as possible. On the other hand, being idle with my own projects.
This said, I've finished the Failaka Folio and I've received some commentary and notes about some aspects that hopefully I will follow on with when I create my second folio, to be entitled "Good Morning Kuwait". I had some hard time converting this folio into a PDF, but it was done after all. However, I'm still considering printing this folio, and probably in the future, make it into a marketable item with a music CD if possible. My plans are on hold in this venue so far (like my Ayvarith and Geltani projects).

On the other hand, I've been trying out some aspect about my new lens: Canon Telephoto EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Autofocus Lens:

Source: B&H

In the first instance of using the lens it was somehow hard to adapt myself to it. I'm not used to a prime (fixed focal length) telephoto lens. The only primes I had were fisheye (wide-angle) lenses, and hence moving forward or backward was not much of a big deal in most of the cases, but here, I think I will need some time to program my brain on the distances I need to stand at before catching. However, the closest distance as noted on the lens (for a macro shot) is around 0.3 ~ 0.4 meter away from the subject (i.e. 1~2 ft).  It is also adaptable to my Vivitar 2x extension but this needs more experimenting.
With simple testing, seems this lens is good in dealing with chromatic aberrations. I've taken a shot for the window frame with a strong backlight from the outside and examining the image closely I almost saw no infringes.

Source: Amazon
Seems, however, that my latest reading on The Practice of Contemplative Photography started to, somehow, affect my mind. With me roaming with wide open eyes, I'm trying to catch details. Even though one of the instructions in the book is not to work hard on "finding" something but to let it all come by meditation, I still think I have to keep my eyes (and mind) wide open for any chances. I do believe this book benefits specifically abstract lovers, but of course it is not only for them. Yet the topic of meditation and enlightening the mind combined with photography is usually linked with the abstract style in arts in general.
The first yield of all of this thought came about one day, when I prepared my daily coffee after coming back from work, when I noticed the cluster of bubbles accumulating on the surface. However, till I made my camera ready, the bubbles were pushed to the edges of the top surface.

Caffeine Art

After some shots, some were dark and some were bright, I've decided to settle with one and work on from that point. There was some cropping as well, and by the end, a load of some adjustment layers to enhance the colors. The joy of working in ProPhoto is the ability to create vivid colors in a slide that you might have deemed dead already!
This simple "experiment" made me now think of possible venues like doing long exposure with this lens, and also with coffee, but I have to make the setting ready for the mess that will come out by then!

Source: Amazon
Now with the other book that is left in my collection from the last order I've made: Ideologies in Archaeology.
The book is actually "heavy"; meaning hard to digest with my brain when it talks all about sociology and Marxists theories... etc. Personally, at school and college I hardly made any sense of that. I think this is because my brain is mainly physically-educated, and without examples, I wouldn't comprehend what, to me, seems like a vague space of words. Add to that I'm more inclined to visual learning. This is the same feeling when I run over advanced mathematics, and to me, mathematics is meaningless without something like Physics say, or Chemistry.
I'm not finished with this book yet of course but, reading it surely gives my brain some hard time (specially with lack of some pictures or diagrams of any type!). I'll just hope that my brain does its best with it.

Some thoughts are racing in my mind now regarding some aspects of my social life... but I'll keep them for myself right now and cook them more into the pot. I'm not sure these ideas will lead to anything serious but, after all, I can't get rid of them...

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