Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Miss You...

Mother's Heart
Mom, after two weeks or more, still in the hospital. I'm barely thinking of anything else other than herself. I even got new toys for my camera but I'm putting all that behind my back now. I get into her room in the hospital with a smiling face, and get out with a crying eye. Despite the fact that her lungs infection and water is all out and she can breath easily and normally without any difficulty, yet blood tests show increasing amounts of Creatinine in her blood and it won't go down. On Thursday, April 4th, doctors decided to make a surgery to fix a tube under her skin in the chest for future dialysis processes.
Mom is annoyed, and I'm worried. Dialysis processes can leave kidneys weak (just like how a muscle shrinks without training). I'm so sick of home without her.

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