Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another week without much productivity I'm afraid. I didn't have any guts to touch the camera. I thought when Mom is back home things would be calmer a bit but in fact they are still busy almost to the same rhythm but in another timing, since Mom got dialysis to do 3 days a week and we have to pick her to and from the dialysis center. Moreover, we are doing a regular check up and checking updates with her doctors behind her back - she doesn't know much about the situation, but we are working on it and we get highs and downs from the doctors. Good thing that she is moving more often, and her spirit is getting back slowly and she started to get into the kitchen slowly! I think I can call this good news.

Because of this mental stress and continuous thinking about her condition, my mind is lacking of ideas for photography (specially with my new Ubertronix trigger that I got a month ago almost), and also little plans and thought about what to do next with my conlangs projects. Completing the Geltani is of course a must, but I was thinking also of studying Ayvarith back again to refresh my memory about the words I've made already. In hope this would make me a more fluent speaker of my own conlang! I think it might help me as well to make a stronger sense of the language as to make some words even without referring back to the basic ingredients: Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew.

Beside all of this mess, there is the real or the physical mess that is in my room and around the house that I've set my mind to organize and fix, yet I can't do this for the time being with this exhaustion and busy mind and body. All what I can do for now is to hope for some productivity by next week. As for the time being, I'm going to read a bit more about mathematics and geometry...

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